Where I've been

Fear not, blogging mojo is still going strong...just not here! I’ve got literally 184 beauty posts in the pipeline, but over the weekend I was a little distracted by my other blog. I won’t call it a ‘lifestyle’ blog as that term is horribly pretentious, so it shall be known as my ‘freetime’ blog.

Here are some recent posts from over there which may take your fancy:

While I get going with Portobello Pearls posts here might not be as frequent, but there will be at least 3-4 per week from now on.

What did you get up to in the snow?


  1. Ha xx Love that you have another blog which you do in your spare time xxx I feel like my blog takes up so much time its tiring ha ha xxx
    Anyways just popped over to remind you Im having a NARS giveaway xx Would love if you get a minute to enter xxx

  2. Ah, love those marshmallow coloured houses!


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