Benefit They're Real Mascara

I found myself at a Benefit counter last week and the SA talked me into trying They're Real - the new mascara meant to make your lashes look like falsies.  I was skeptical, especially with it being a plastic wand,   but the results are great.

Now let me apologise for these ropey photos.  They're Real was applied over what I was already wearing - Max Factor False Lash Effect Length & Volume.  I took the photos about eight hours after the mascara was initially applied and for some reason the exposure setting was waaay down on my camera so I've had to autocorrect, but you can still see the effect.  And I think my lashes would have looked much better if I just had a couple of coats of They're Real on.  It is a very luxurious formula - not too dry, or wet, just Goldilocks and is the blackest black.

My lashes on the right (so the ones on your left) look better because I applied it to this eye myself  after the SA poked me in my other eyeball.  It hurt like a mofo and felt infected for almost two days.  So word to the wise - always apply your own mascara.  I don't know what came over me really, it's a bit gross to try a tester mascara (used a disposable wand, but still, it's yuck) - see what I go through for you?!


The tube is really pretty and I do actually see myself buying this in the future when I've got through my 30+ other mascaras.  It's £18.50, which is steep, but still more economical than my two current faves, Lancome Hypnose and MUFE Smokey Lash.  In the US it's $22.50, which given an approx. exchange rate of $1.5 to £1, should mean we pay £15 over here, but it never works like that! 

Have you tried They're Real? Are you going to?

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Coming to a Tesco near You! VIVO Cosmetics (Extremely Pic Heavy!)

Your weekly Tesco shop is about to get a little a lot more interesting come September with the launch of new budget make up line Vivo Cosmetics...

I was expecting products along the lines of Superdrug's MUA range (which I love, especially some of the eyeshadows) and while the prices are slightly higher, they are still very purse-friendly (ranging from £1.50 - £6) and the products better quality.  

This post is extremely pic heavy, but I want to show you the breadth of this range, focusing on my top picks.  First shots are from the blogger event, but I've got some better quality ones and swatches further down.


Current MAC Fave: Barcelona Red

I missed the first boat on this one.  Swatches didn't appeal, no amount of raves could convince me.

 Browsing around Selfridges a couple of months ago I picked it out of the display and was surprised to find it was Barcelona Red! I sanitised it, swiped it on and it has to be one of the most flattering MAC 'reds' for pale skin.  I say 'reds' because it's really a coral with a hint of pink.  I'm not the hugest fan of the Frost finish, but it's not enough to put me off.  Viva Glam Cyndi held the award for Best MAC Red for a long time, but since it's been discontinued I needed another red fix.  Vegas Volt also caught my eye and is on the hit list for the future.  The raved-about Russian Red frankly looks ridiculous on me.  


Sleek MakeUP Ink Pot in Dominatrix

I love a cat's eye.  Rarely a non-work day goes by that I don't rock the look.  I'm heading out to Carnival after I post this with my fave combo of neutral shadows and a big black flick.

My pot of MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is lasting me longer than is strictly hygienic, so when Sleek sent me this ink pot as part of my Starter Kit Giveaway prize (link) I wanted to try it out before I included it as one of my top picks.  I'd originally asked for one of their 'Dip It' pots to be included as they're fantastic, but I was sent the Ink Pot instead, and I'm glad there was a mix up as I've found another amazing Sleek product!  


Favour request and a cute kitty!

Owing to me being on a little rock in the Atlantic for most of August I was a bit slow on the uptake with the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011 (it seems like we’ve just had the 2010 ones!), but better late than never!

So here’s where I get all cringey and embarrassed and ask you for a little favour! If you’ve enjoyed this blog at all over the past 15 months or so it’s been around, found any useful information, etc., I’d mightily appreciate you throwing a nomination my way under the ‘New Beauty Blog (less than 18 months old)’ category.  It would mean the world to even get near the shortlist for sometime I absolutely adore doing!   This banner will take you right to the voting form:

If you have a blog yourself, you must go ahead and submit it as you never know what lovely people could be out there nominating it!

So all you need to do is go here (link!), scroll down to the voting form, and enter the following:

  1. Your e-mail address
  2. Blog URL: (or whichever blog you want to nominate)
  3. Entry category: New Beauty Blog
  4. Is this your blog: No
  5. Why do you love this blog: (aw, shucks!) 
  6. Hit submit and you’re all done! Simples!
Nominations are open until the end of August and finalists will be selected during September.

So go ahead and show a little love to your favourite beauty blogs!

Muchas gracias! X

P.S. Here's a cute little reward for your patience with this non-beauty related post (I know, Michelle Phan got there before me, but maybe at least three of you hasn't seen this!). I defy you not to say 'ahhhh'!  Lots of Vivo, 17, elf and dupe posts coming soon!


Sleek MakeUP Nude Collection! (very pic heavy)

I've been waiting for this collection it seems like forever! I was delighted to receive this in the post this morning from the lovely Sleek people, but I can safely say I would have bought the whole collection anyway!  It's utterly beautiful and Sleek's answer to Urban Decay's Naked Palette.

Au Naturel I-Divine.
Typical black packaging with large mirror.  Think it would have been cool if it was a pinky nude colour.
8 matte shades: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Moss, Bark, Regal and Noir
4 shimmer shades: Taupe, Conker, Moss and Mineral Earth.


Sleek MakeUP Starter Kit Giveaway!

This giveaway brings my Weekly Giveaway Series to an end which means it's the end of Summer - boo hoo! But happily I have a great set of Sleek MakeUP products to give away to you!

These six products are my all-time favourites and form a great little starter kit, all wrapped up in a nice sleek little box for you!  You can check out my reviews of each of these (the gel eyeliner coming this week) to see what they're like in action.

Instagram'd 001

Instagram posts are some of my favourite...I always click on them in my reading list, so I've signed up and might do a little series on this blog.

These are some snaps I took over summer, when all the good stuff happens: holidays, nice weather, my birthday and my relationship anniversary :) They're not the best as I normally use my Lumix TZ7 over my iPhone cam, but here they are!

1. Channeling Kate Middleton - new nude shoes!
2. Roses on 14th
3. The wrong side of 25
4. Birthday cupcakes from Lola's
5. Duty free MAC haulin'
6. New clothes!
7. Bear with me forever
8. Designs on breakfast
9. Inspired by the Youtube vid that's had me laughing all summer
10. Birthday cuddlies - never too old!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Sigma Kabuki Brush Giveaway Winner Announcement!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far! 

Thank you everyone who entered this giveaway over the past week...a winner has been selected thanks to

Congrats! I'm tweeting you right now for your address details to send you this: 

I've got a special Sleek MakeUP giveaway coming up later today, so be sure to check back to get your entry in.  It'll be the last of my S/S2011 Giveaway Series!


The time has come...

...for me to make Stella McCartney's signature scent finally mine! I can't tell you how many years I've wanted this fragrance - amber and rose are a beautiful combo - but I always held back and picked up something else mainly because every second girl on the tube smelled of it!  It looks like I've been holding off for a good reason, because it's been released in these gorgeous limited edition bottles...

This is where you lovely people come in! I really can't decide which design to go for.  I like the purple one with the little bee, but the one with the red flowers is gorgeous too.  I looked all over Westfield today for them - House of Fraser, Beauty Base, Debenhams, thinking they were more likely to be stocked there, but turns out they're in good old Boots!  I'm heading down there tomorrow where they are going for £35 for 30mls.  Think I might also pick up another few back up cans of Batiste XXL.  I have a problem people, I know.

So let me know in the comments which one you think is prettiest!

Oh, and there's only a few more hours until my Sigma Kabuki brush giveaway ends, so why not throw your hat into the ring?! Check it out HERE.

In other news, I've just been to see The Inbetweeners movie - it's ridiculously funny and cringey! Go see it!


HAIR-lelujah!!! My hair will never be the same again!

I don't look too happy about it do I? I but believe me, my hair and I have finally come to peace after many many years!

All thanks to this:

I'm a huge fan of 'regular' Batiste, especially the Brit formulation for the scent, but XXL is very very different.

and this: 


Sleek Pout Paint Playing

I've been waiting for Sleek's answer to OCC Lip Tars for an age and am so excited to have a little experiment with them!  These Pout Paints are £4.99 each and can be ordered online or picked up at Superdrug.  I won these great little tubes in a recent Sleek competition - woo! 


Chanel Cherry Pop!

Beauty blogging for 15 months and make-up-obsessed for 15 years and I'm only now getting round to popping my Chanel cherry?! Believe me, my head is hanging in shame!

I've dabbled with Chanel scents...Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, and I've tried hard to be tempted by Chanel's cosmetic offerings, but they always looked to me to be all branding, packaging and no substance.  I still think this about most of their eyeshadow quads which seem horrendous quality when swatched in store. Their latest ones seems to be a little better, but not enough to tempt me.


Win a Sigma Kabuki Brush!

It's getting to the end of my S/S 2011 Giveaway Series, but I still have a few things up my sleeve for you, this week it's a fantastic kabuki buffer brush -the F45 - from Sigma.

I was sent this one to review, and the winner will receive a shiny new one direct from the lovely people at Sigma.

I'm massively impressed with the quality of this natural bristle kabuki - I have offerings from MAC, Inglot, Elizabeth Arden and Bare Minerals, and this is the Sigma one is definitely the softest, and best value.  It's ideal for buffing in mineral foundation, but I've been using it to set my tinted moisturiser with MAC MSF Natural in Light.

If you’d like a chance to be the lucky winner all you have to do is:

become a Google Friend Connect follower of my blog & comment below 
This giveaway is only open to Google Friend Connect public followers (I do check!) 
Become a GFC follower by clicking the blue 'Join This Site' button in the right sidebar before submitting your comment.
You don’t need to have a blog to enter, just an account recognised by Google Friend Connect (e.g. Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, etc.). 
Leave a comment on this post and if you don’t have a blog – some way I can contact you if you win e.g. email address, but leave it in a way the spiders can’t pick up on i.e. clickandmakeup at gmail dot com.

(+1) for an additional entry... 
Add it to your own blog sidebar or Tweet this:
Want to win a Sigma Kabuki brush? Check out the @clickandmakeup giveaway & enter here
Remember to leave your Twitter username in your comment below. 

This giveaway will run until Saturday 20th August and the winner will be announced on Sunday 21st August.
Good luck! x

* ONE entry per person please, any more will NOT be counted
* Open internationally
* One winner will be selected at random from all valid entries using
* The giveaway closes on Saturday 20th August at Midnight (GMT +1), so that gives you plenty of time to get your entries in! Any entries made after this time will not count
* Winner will be announced on this blog and contacted on Sunday 21st August  
* If you are the lucky winner you must be willing to provide me with your postal address details
* The winner has 5 days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen at random

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Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

I've been trying this skin tint out for the past couple of weeks, and I'm so glad I persevered with it, because my first few dalliances were not great at all.

This is Liz Earle's first move into cosmetics and has been three and a half years in development.   It's not naturally active, unlike her skincare range, but at least the SPF 15 comes from mineral sun filters, nothing artificial.  It's carmine-free and contains avocado oil, so it's good for sensitive skin.

Lovely packaging, digging the patented Liz Earle Marine colour, sadly the box got a bit crushed in my suitcase.

My first impression of this Skin Tint was actually quite good - at the event I tried two of the three shades it comes in - Bare and Beige (it also comes in Beach, the darkest shade).  Bare worked really well on the back of my hand, blended right in and looked matte and natural.  But after this I had a few run ins with a bottle of SunBelievable and Bare was much too light.  Mixed with a bit of Beige though it would have been just the right shade.  I didn't take issue with the shade match, as you can always darken up with bronzer, but what really put me off was it's very greasy look when first applied which almost made my face look puffy.  I'm not one for 'glowy' skin, especially since this so oftens just resembles shiny oiliness.  I tried it a number of times, but as I was always in a rush I ended up rubbing most of it off and applying my trusty No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser.  But the trick you see is to wait about 5 minutes until it settles into your skin and mattifies, once this happens, you can throw another layer over the top and build up some coverage (but you can still see most of my freckles through).

Now, one thing I was put-off by is the scent, which reminds me of mushrooms, but this too departs after about minutes.  

While I have come to like the Skin Tint, it doesn't win out over my No7 Holy Grail, particuarly in terms of value.  Liz Earle's is £21 for 40mls and you do need to use about four splodges to cover your face, more if you're bringing it down onto your chest.  No7's is £10 for 50mls, or £5 if you catch it at Boots voucher time.  However, Liz Earle's completely wins out over Benefit YouRebel, Olay Touch of Foundation, Clinique City Block and ELF's Studio version.   

First impressions would lead you to think this Skin Tint would be great for dry skin as it starts with such a 'glow', but it almost has a gel-like consistency when rubbed in, and when it dries the finish is matte.  I've gotten well over 12 hours of wear without need for a touch up or a shine absorbing sheet, which is very impressive for a tinted moisturiser, and because I have oily skin, it's all I need to use in the morning after washing my face.

If you purchase by mail order you'll be sent three sachets of the available shades to work out which is best for you and if you've ordered the wrong shade, you can send the tube back for exchange.

While I can't see myself making this product a regular feature of my make up bag (unless No7 discontinue theirs) I will definitely use this tube up and will hang onto it for winter when my skin will be much paler.

It's available online and in store (John Lewis, QVC) from 8th September for £21.  There are more cosmetics releases from Liz Earle in the pipe line, so keep your eyes peeled!  

*PR sample provided for review

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Weekly Giveaway Series SS2011: RMK Make Up Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Well, I'm finally back after my summer travels and a little late with this announcement, but I'm sure you'll forgive me!  I have loads of posts lined up, as I'm aware things have been a little quiet around here!

So...a winner has been picked courtesy of

Congrats! I've tweeted you for your address details to pack this off to you very soon! 

Again, thanks all of you who took the time to enter this competition - come back on Sunday to try your luck in the next giveaway which will be featuring a Sigma product!

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