Chanel Cherry Pop!

Beauty blogging for 15 months and make-up-obsessed for 15 years and I'm only now getting round to popping my Chanel cherry?! Believe me, my head is hanging in shame!

I've dabbled with Chanel scents...Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, and I've tried hard to be tempted by Chanel's cosmetic offerings, but they always looked to me to be all branding, packaging and no substance.  I still think this about most of their eyeshadow quads which seem horrendous quality when swatched in store. Their latest ones seems to be a little better, but not enough to tempt me.

But I was passing through Gatwick a few days before my birthday last month and decided to bite the bullet and nab a duty free Chanel blush I've had my eye on for a while - Pink Explosion.  I thought it was one my friend had, but turns out she actually has Rose Petale.  Oh well! I paid £26 something for it in DF, but it's normally £31.  Eeep.

I really love this blush.  It smells of roses, is quite
finely milled and buildable.  Even the quality of the little brush has improved on what it used to be (I compared with said friends').  The colour is an extremely bright pink in the pan, but on the cheeks looks very natural.  For some reason I don't mind the glitter - it's very fine and doubles as a cheekbone highlight.  Best thing about it? I love taking it out for a touch up on the tube.  Can't beat the glamour of a Chanel compact and the little velvet pouch.

The pictures aren't my normal quality as I took them in a badly lit cruise ship cabin.

What Chanel make up have your tried? What do you recommend I try next?

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  1. You look really pretty! That blush is amazing xxx

  2. Wow that blush is gorgeous, I am not normally a powder blush girl but that ones lovely.

    I am obsessed with my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel it is amazing!!!

  3. Love the blush. Looks lovely on you x

  4. Very gorgeous.... £31 is scary though, but that is beautiful. Especially with the little bag and compact.

  5. It's one of the very few cool toned pink blushes that look good on me, I absolutely love it.
    You can try the waterproof eyeliner pencils, they're great, and less expensive than the blushes or eyeshadows. And of course, the foundations are great, my fave being Vitalumiere Aqua.

  6. I've tried this in store, and it was too light for my skin but it was lovely swatched inside my wrist!

  7. Wow! Very pretty! I haven't even popped my MAC cherry! So no Chanel for me!

  8. I think I'd be too scared to take it on the tube with a price tag like that! So lovely! It reminds me of the Dainty Doll blush I've had a couple of months.

  9. I just wanna say I really like your makeup in this! I wish I could afford chanel makeup, it's my favorite kind, but there are only a few chanel products I can splurge on. I really like the color of this blush


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