Jewels of the moment

July is my birthday month and that means one thing: new jewellery time!

I saw this knock off Links Sweetie charm bracelet in Primarni and had to have it for the cute charms which you can pick and choose and easily clip on.  The bracelet itself is a bit too chunky for my liking though...

My love of gold is growing by the day, I picked up this bracelet from one of those really naff 'Inch of Gold for a $1' get ups on my recent cruise, but this bracelet is seriously cute on, even if they did gyp me out of an inch!

My mum is so sweet, she always gets me a few little bits for my birthday, and she knows I love my bling!

I wouldn't rock this kinda ice on any day, but I have the odd black tie event for work, and you need to glitz up a bit.

This is another of my birthday boyfriend got me some necklaces too, but I haven't had a chance to snap 'em yet.

I wore this Primark pendant most of the time in Venice, so as you can see it's gone a bit tarnished with perfume and P20...sadface.

Feather earrings! I am OBSESSED with them.  For a while they freaked me out as they sometimes make a noise like a big fly near your ear, but I've learned not to yelp like a stepped-on puppy whenever this happens and we get on just fine now. These are from H&M and were about £4.  I keep buying more audacious styles...I reckon the next pair should help me take flight!

Rose gold and white: one of my favourite combinations...picked this up in the Basilica San Marco in Venice and I love it.  Can't guarantee I'll be using it to pray much though!

So that's about it...I have a few other new bits knocking about which I might post about.  Normally my accessories are over at portobellopearls.blogspot,com, but since it's been a bit quiet round 'ere I thought I'd put it up here (I'm away right now...shhhh!)

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Where the wild things are

Today I'm going here:

So I will be out of action for a week or internet, no blogging...but lots of make up experimenting and reviewing for my return.

Peace, relaxtion, Gossip Girl DVDs, bliss :)

At some point I'll also be attempting to climb this:

Last night I went along to Liz Earle's flagship store near the King's Road and met the lovely lady herself who introduced us to her Sheer Skin Tint which launches on 8th September (£21 for 40ml).  It's the brands first foray into cosmetics and out of only three shades, the fairest (Bare) suits me perfectly.  It's got pride of place in my suitcase and I'll be trying it out over the next week and cannot wait.  It's matte finish is already making me think it's going to knock my favourite tinted moisturiser-du-jour (No7) off its pedestal.

I adore the packaging, this inky blue colour has actually been patented as 'Liz Earle Marine' and was inspired by the dark, deep blue Solent which divides the Isle of Wight, where the brands HQ is, from the mainland.

There are definitely more make up launches in the pipeline from Liz Earle, so it's all very exciting!

On the tube journey home I had a poke into the gift bag we were given and it's no wonder YouTube haul videos are so popular - the two women opposite me were utterly transfixed by each item I took out of the bag and unwrapped! I must say I'm the same when I see another impatient person rifling through their just-bought swag - I'm rubber necking like a meerkat to see what they've got!  But I look most like a crazed stalker staring away when other women are applying make up on the tube/bus - tell me I'm not alone?!

On my nails: OPI Skull & Glossbones from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection 

I may manage to rustle up a scheduled post or two before I head off, but if not, see you in a week(ish)!

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MAC Semi Precious Haul: Brushes, Gem of Roses and Golden Gaze

It's been an age since I've been excited by a MAC collection, but the Semi Precious collection sort of crept up on me.  I first read about it in my beloved Stylist magazine, checked out Temptalia and made a list to brandish at Gatwick Airport.  I passed through there a couple of weeks ago and ended up picking things that didn't interest me online, so if you're still interested in this collection but unsure of what to pick, I recommend checking it out in the flesh if you can.

After Temptalia's 'meh' reaction to the brushes in this collection I had no designs on them at all, but the fibres actually sit together really well and the the join is very seamless.  I love the shape of the 128 - I use the tip of it to create a cheek contour and the flat part for accurate blush application.  Haven't tried it with liquid foundation yet.  The smaller 234 reminded me of the legendary 219 and I'm a sucker for a blending brush.  While I like it, it's not fantastic, and if you don't already own the 219 go for that instead.  I am a brush enthusiast however, so pretty happy to have these limited edition babies in my collection.  I would prefer if they were all natural fibre rather than Jeckyl and Hyde with the artificial fibres.  I suppose they were made with the intention of being handy for make up artists who would be switching to different mediums rapidly, but for my parochial make up application it's unnecessary.

Gem of Roses was on the list and works for me like a not too distant relative of VG Cyndi (Oh how I miss thee!) - not that it's in dupe territory, but I get a sort of feeling when it's on and the colour is very flattering for me.  It's slightly pinker and more toned down so essentially more wearable.  I've been moving away from nudes and pinks into bolder colours and the Lustre formula is works for me.


Golden Gaze was also on the list, along with a couple of the other Mineralize eyeshadows, but it was by far the best.  I really wanted Smoked Ruby but managed to get a grip and realise that I'd never wear it.  Golden Gaze is nice all over the lid, or can be used to darken a crease.  The MAC MUA applied it for me and when a bit over the top - I flew to Venice with one eye made up with Golden Gaze and the other Smoked Ruby.  What the hell, it was only with SleazyJet.  I'll do an EOTN with this soon to let you see what it's like on the eyes.  It does blend away into a muted black - it really is more exciting on the pan than the eyelid.

So that's it folks.  What do you think of my picks (it was 7am...)? Did you bother this collection at all?

Next on the list is the 135 brush and Barcelona Red - I tried it in Harrods a little while ago having ignored the hype a few months ago and it's freakin' gorgeous! Of course these bits are not to be found at duty free, those canny MAC people have held back many of the good bits making their way to their airport concessions.  Harrumph!

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Win RMK! - Weekly Giveaway Series SS2011

The next giveaway features a few RMK products and again this will be running for more than a week as I'm off for another couple of weeks and won't have internet access (I was on a cruise during my Sigma Brush Kit giveaway).

Mini make up bag  

Metallic Silver eyeshadow

Colour Control N - Foundation Primer in 01 Silver

If you’d like a chance to be the lucky winner all you have to do is:

become a Google Friend Connect follower of my blog & comment below 
This giveaway is only open to Google Friend Connect public followers (I do check!) 
Become a GFC follower by clicking the blue 'Join This Site' button in the right sidebar before submitting your comment.
You don’t need to have a blog to enter, just an account recognised by Google Friend Connect (e.g. Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, etc.). 
Leave a comment on this post and if you don’t have a blog – some way I can contact you if you win e.g. email address, but leave it in a way the spiders can’t pick up on i.e. clickandmakeup at gmail dot com.

(+1) for an additional entry... 
Add it to your own blog sidebar or Tweet this:
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Remember to leave your Twitter username in your comment below. 

This giveaway will run until Tuesday 9th August as I'm going away again and won't be anywhere near the interwebs and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 10th August.
Good luck! x

* ONE entry per person please, any more will NOT be counted
* Open internationally
* One winner will be selected at random from all valid entries using
* The giveaway closes on Tuesday 9th August at Midnight (GMT +1), so that gives you plenty of time to get your entries in! Any entries made after this time will not count
* Winner will be announced on this blog and contacted on Wednesday 10th August  
* If you are the lucky winner you must be willing to provide me with your postal address details
* The winner has 5 days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen at random

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Weekly Giveaway Series SS2011: Sigma Travel Brush Kit Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Afternoon! I'm finally back for my cruise (the reason why this giveaway ran for two weeks instead of the usual one) and ready to announce the lucky winner! So without further ado, a winner has been picked courtesy of

Congrats! I have emailed you for your address details so this prize can wing it's way to you very soon!

Thanks to all of you who entered the competition - check back later today for the chance to win some RMK bits.


Primark Clothes Haul

I'm over at my other blog today, Portobello Pearls, with a Primark clothes haul...go check it out if you fancy!  My accessories haul is the post before it.

Sneak peek...

If it's not your thing why not take the opportunity to get in under the wire with a last minute entry for my Sigma Travel Brush Kit giveaway which ends tonight?  Check out the deets HERE.

Happy Saturday lovelies!

Kat x


Favourite New (Steam Room) Cleanser

I recently joined a gym and one of my favourite places in it is, of course, the steam room.  I find my skin is so much better when I go at least a couple of times a week.  As a little experiment I brought this exfoliating cleanser along to massage onto my face while I sit there relaxing, and it's been working fabulously.  My face is wet, as directed, from the steam and I massage the cleanser in for about one minute.  I'm sure the other women in there think I'm nuts, but so what if I've got glowier skin, right?!

The scent is quite perfumey - I love it - but it doesn't smell at all what you would expect it to - which is a bit well, carroty and fresh.  The particles are extremely fine, but effective and this cleanser does a double job of exfoliating away dead skin to reveal plump, smooth skin underneath, yet the creaminess ensures that your skin nicely moisturised.

It contains Beta Carotene - a natural form of Vitamin A (from the carrots) with antioxidant properties which combat environmental skin damage.  Dead Sea Minerals unclog pores and act as a natural exfoliant along with the apricot which improves moisture retention.

This tube would work much better if it was a 'flip lid' as it is very fiddly to be screwing the cap back on with wet hands while the blob of cleanser slides off your palm, but it's a minor niggle.

You can pick this cleanser up from here for about £9.

*PR samples provided for review

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Some RnR with Aromatherapy Associates

Given my dry skin (on my body, shame about my oily face!) I didn't expect too much from this 'Body Gel' and thought it would be irritating and drying as it has a very strong scent, but I was proved wrong and it's turned out to be a lovely treat for my skin which I can apply at any time as it soaks in almost instantly.  I really noticed how smooth and soft it made my skin, especially on my legs.  

The gel is formulated from essential oils and water.  I love the combination of Geranium, Damask Rose Water and Evening Primrose, but I can see how it could be overpowering for some.  The aroma does fade after a few minutes, so you can layer perfume on top without too much of a clash.

It's meant to be good to apply after sun exposure to calm the skin, and I have to say I was skeptical of this, again because I thought the strong scent would irritate my skin, but it almost worked like a luxurious aftersun to sooth my angry skin.

My favourite time to apply it is after my morning shower as it's very refreshing.  A gel is just so much nicer to apply on hot summer mornings rather than dense moisturiser. 

Get it here, £27 for 200ml.  The price is the only drawback for me, but if it's within your budget and you like essential oils, it's a fabulous treat, and a little goes a long way.

I was also sent this trio of Little Luxuries to review.  They comprise Relax, Revive and De-Stress bath and shower oils which you can get in full 55ml size also, so it's a nice little taster set.  I also think for £12 it makes a lovely little Christmas stocking filler for someone special.  I saved this little set for ages, just keeping one or two of the little vials in my handbag to have a sniff throughout the day - Relax is definitely my favourite.  

The oils are quite overpowering, but once mixed in with your bath water (I wouldn't waste them in the shower) they really do transport you to a place of tranquility.

*PR samples provided for review

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These may just convert me back to 'up do's'...

Spin Pins were on my US-wishlist for ages before I picked up them up in Miami last November .  I'd didn't expect a lot from them, but have been pleasantly surprised.  My hair is notoriously hard to keep up - because it's so silky, ya know? But these do the trick, and if the bun does work loose, you can get it re-fastened in a matter of seconds.  They're proclaimed to do the work of 20 grips - I've never had 20 grips in my hair at once, so can't comment - but they are pretty handy to carry in your purse for an emergency up-do.

These pics don't really do the Spin Pins justice, I had just had my layered, and so there are random bits of hair sticking out - but if your hair is all pretty much one length, these are a very good option for an effortless up do.  I don't mind my bun looking a little scruffy as I tend to just put my hair up when I'm at my desk at work and need my hair out of my face to get down to business.

Boots is selling them for £4.99 for two (I paid $6.99), so at least they've done the decent thing and at least tried to honour the exchange rate mechanism!  While I wouldn't rave about these as I don't personally wear my hair up much, if I was that way inclined they would be a must-have piece of hairstyling kit.

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