My Holy Grail Toothpaste

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of this Oral B Pro-Expert toothpaste and it's become my firm favourite - so much so that it's going into my Holy Grail hall of fame, and I'm lugging the big tube on hols with me instead of my regular travel-sized paste, even though I am normally a stickler for space saving, mini products.

This isn't any old toothpaste - I've tried practically every one on the market, but never Oral B (I wasn't aware they made toothpastes).  It is a blue gel formula which is slightly gritty to begin with.  I like this sensation because it feels like it's really cleaning my teeth and tastes like dental products you use at your dentist.  It's not a drippy gel, so it works very well with electric toothbrushes, and particularly my Sonicare.  

We grilled Dr. James Russell (from TV's Embarrassing Bodies) about the merits of Pro-Expert - I was particularly concerned by his description of the paste being 'gritty' as too often, whitening toothpastes are actually just very abrasive in order to remove staining, but in the long run, damage tooth enamel.  However Pro-Expert has chemically removes staining and the grittiness comes from the process whereby for the first time, Oral B boffins have been able to fuse stannous flouride (which we need to strengthen our gnashers) with their polyphosphate system, another vital ingredient, and as the bonded particles breakdown, the grittiness subsides.  This combination delivers across eight key areas of teeth care: cavities, gums, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, surface stains and fresh breath.

I'm the kind of person who keeps at least four brands of toothpaste hanging around in my bathroom - Sensodyne, Beverly Hills, an Aquafresh can, Colgate Oxygen, you name it...but once these are all finished I'll only be needing one tube of this Oral-B good stuff.  Streamlined bathroom and happy teeth!  Ever since I whitened my teeth a couple of years ago I've been obsessed with maintaining the whiteness, and Pro-Expert is the perfect solution.

I've paid the best part of a tenner for toothpastes which promised the world in the past and did not deliver at all, so the most joyous thing about this one is it's only £3.49, a total bargain.  

*PR samples provided for review

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  1. I love this toothpaste.. it's currently on offer at places like Tesco and Asda for half price or 2 for 1! Stock up ladies!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  2. I've had my eye on this for a while and I think I'll try it soon.

  3. My cousin works at a dental surgery and managed to bag a few of us the sample sizes of these.. my husband and I decided to take it on holiday and he swears by it now.. it's overtaken our favourite of colgate pro-relief whitening!

  4. i tried this and i hated the taste, i really want to like it because ive heard so many good things but i think ill be sticking to my colgate max white one for now

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