MAC Semi Precious Haul: Brushes, Gem of Roses and Golden Gaze

It's been an age since I've been excited by a MAC collection, but the Semi Precious collection sort of crept up on me.  I first read about it in my beloved Stylist magazine, checked out Temptalia and made a list to brandish at Gatwick Airport.  I passed through there a couple of weeks ago and ended up picking things that didn't interest me online, so if you're still interested in this collection but unsure of what to pick, I recommend checking it out in the flesh if you can.

After Temptalia's 'meh' reaction to the brushes in this collection I had no designs on them at all, but the fibres actually sit together really well and the the join is very seamless.  I love the shape of the 128 - I use the tip of it to create a cheek contour and the flat part for accurate blush application.  Haven't tried it with liquid foundation yet.  The smaller 234 reminded me of the legendary 219 and I'm a sucker for a blending brush.  While I like it, it's not fantastic, and if you don't already own the 219 go for that instead.  I am a brush enthusiast however, so pretty happy to have these limited edition babies in my collection.  I would prefer if they were all natural fibre rather than Jeckyl and Hyde with the artificial fibres.  I suppose they were made with the intention of being handy for make up artists who would be switching to different mediums rapidly, but for my parochial make up application it's unnecessary.

Gem of Roses was on the list and works for me like a not too distant relative of VG Cyndi (Oh how I miss thee!) - not that it's in dupe territory, but I get a sort of feeling when it's on and the colour is very flattering for me.  It's slightly pinker and more toned down so essentially more wearable.  I've been moving away from nudes and pinks into bolder colours and the Lustre formula is works for me.


Golden Gaze was also on the list, along with a couple of the other Mineralize eyeshadows, but it was by far the best.  I really wanted Smoked Ruby but managed to get a grip and realise that I'd never wear it.  Golden Gaze is nice all over the lid, or can be used to darken a crease.  The MAC MUA applied it for me and when a bit over the top - I flew to Venice with one eye made up with Golden Gaze and the other Smoked Ruby.  What the hell, it was only with SleazyJet.  I'll do an EOTN with this soon to let you see what it's like on the eyes.  It does blend away into a muted black - it really is more exciting on the pan than the eyelid.

So that's it folks.  What do you think of my picks (it was 7am...)? Did you bother this collection at all?

Next on the list is the 135 brush and Barcelona Red - I tried it in Harrods a little while ago having ignored the hype a few months ago and it's freakin' gorgeous! Of course these bits are not to be found at duty free, those canny MAC people have held back many of the good bits making their way to their airport concessions.  Harrumph!

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  1. That eye shadow is just absolutely gorgeous xx

  2. I got Golden Gaze too and am obsessed with it! Really want to get smoked ruby too,i'll be broke!

  3. I really want Smoked Ruby but I just can't bring myself for fork out £16 for it! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Golden Gaze.

  4. @Robyn - I just saw Smoked Ruby on Lollipop26's blog - she swatched it wet and it looks pretty damn amazing, so I just may have to have another peek at it when I'm at Heathrow Friday...
    I'll try to do something exciting with Golden Gaze but I'm not very creative...think I'll try it wet :)

  5. I love the fact you also make lists to got to airports with. I have one ready and waiting for when I go on my holidays!

    Golden Gaze looks gorgeous, especially applied damp!

    I may need to add this to my list! Your fault...

  6. Im not big on this collection personally; was looking at it today and it didn't wow me - but my look is very natural and every day which is the total opposite to this collection. I really like the brushes but when a MUA did my makeup with one lots of bristles came out on my face, wasn't very impressed!


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