These may just convert me back to 'up do's'...

Spin Pins were on my US-wishlist for ages before I picked up them up in Miami last November .  I'd didn't expect a lot from them, but have been pleasantly surprised.  My hair is notoriously hard to keep up - because it's so silky, ya know? But these do the trick, and if the bun does work loose, you can get it re-fastened in a matter of seconds.  They're proclaimed to do the work of 20 grips - I've never had 20 grips in my hair at once, so can't comment - but they are pretty handy to carry in your purse for an emergency up-do.

These pics don't really do the Spin Pins justice, I had just had my layered, and so there are random bits of hair sticking out - but if your hair is all pretty much one length, these are a very good option for an effortless up do.  I don't mind my bun looking a little scruffy as I tend to just put my hair up when I'm at my desk at work and need my hair out of my face to get down to business.

Boots is selling them for £4.99 for two (I paid $6.99), so at least they've done the decent thing and at least tried to honour the exchange rate mechanism!  While I wouldn't rave about these as I don't personally wear my hair up much, if I was that way inclined they would be a must-have piece of hairstyling kit.

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  1. Wow, that looks lovely! I haven't seen these in my local Boots yet, but I'll have a look ;) xx

  2. Hmm, I keep seeing these but I've never seen anyone actually use them. I swear I spend a fortuneo on bobby pins (I tend to just strew theme verywherea after I use them) so I think these might save me some cash!

  3. I can't believe that a little piece of metal can create that! It looks amazing, I can never seem to manage to put a bun in without using a whole packet of grips so I will look out for this in boots. Thanks so much for sharing xx

  4. I don't understand how it works :-/
    Gotta come round one day, you can stick em in my hrrr.

  5. I don't really understand how they work either but the end result looks really classy and neat. I wear my hair up all the time (and sometimes use up to 20 grips.) I saw these in the pharmacy the other week but wasn't too sure about getting them.....mostly because I just don't understand the instructions (in English OR Français!)

  6. Something very similar to this was out in the early 90s (I'm quite old!) and I had some, but lost them years ago. They were a good idea, so I think I'll get some more. I like messy up-do's rather than ones that are hair sprayed to death, so these will suit me well :)

  7. I was given the One Lovely Blog award and I would like to give you this award too!
    Please have a look:
    Rhiannon x

  8. this is amazing! i will check out if this is already available here! thanks :)


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