Review, Swatches + EOTD - Sleek MakeUP Oh So Special iDivine

As a neutral lover, this really is Sleek MakeUP's oh so special iDivine release in a long time...there isn't one dud shadow!  And they're not boring neutrals either - they have depth and nuances to make them exciting to use but still work appropriate.  If you pop this in your hand bag you can also smoke up your eyes if you're heading out for the night.

As you can see Bow sadly shattered in transit, but I've since pressed it down and it's working okay for me.  

Swatched in the order above:

Utter gorgeousness! This is up there alongside the Storm iDivine as as one of my all time favourite Sleek bits.

Here's my EOTD...

Bow all over lid, up to brow
Pamper over lid up to crease
Celebrate in crease
A wash of Organza over the lid to add some shimmer
Wrapped up along the lower lash line

Oh So Special is available now online and in Superdrug stores for £6.49 - that's 54p an eyeshadow!

Check out my top picks from Primark's AW 2011 collection over at my other blog.

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  1. Mine arrived on Friday and I have yet to photograph it, and as such have yet to use it, as I have this OCD thing about not using something until I take a photo. Lovely FOTD.

    I was torn between this and the Caribbean palette but I think this one is much more wearable x

  2. Wow! These are the best pictures I have seen of this palette! And the look is so divine!

  3. omg, i think i need to buy it just for the gateau! gooorgeous shade!

  4. I love this palette <3 Nice pics & FOTD :))
    Just did a review on the Caribbean collection-

  5. OMG !! This palette is gorgeous! I want this palette too <3

  6. All of the shades look really good and I love the look u have created!

  7. I am loving the look of Gateau! Thinking of buying this just for that shadow! The others would just be a bonus!


  8. Absolutely stunning, you look gorgeous. I adore your hair colour againist these shades :).


  9. Gorgeous colors. Looks great on you.

  10. I love the color!! I have a sleek palette too ^_^

  11. D: It's so tragic that one shattered! You're right - these are neutrals with a bit of pop. I wish I could make up my mind about which sleek products to order from the site because I can't just pop by a drugstore here in the states to pick one up.


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