New Bags!

Okay so there not 'bag' bags, but I still get immensely excited by new make up and toiletry you? no? So I'm a freak...

First up, new toiletry bag from Cath Kidston.  I've been eyeing this up for a while, and massive though it is I fill it right to the brim for trips! Twas £18, but it's very well made of sturdy oil cloth.  

This is my all time favourite Cath Kidston pattern.

Check out my second favourite on the saddle bag I picked up in the CK sale over at my personal blog, Portobello Pearls.

And now for a little Primark Cath Kidston knock-off.  This £2.50 steal has turned out to be my ideal handbag make up bag which I carry with me everyday.  It's lightweight and opens right down the edges so it's really easy to find everything.

 It's actually the second one I had to buy - the first one got a horrid big blue stain on it when my contact lens peroxide escaped from the case and lifted the blue off a mascara tube.  Having only had it one day I was not a happy bunny, so I picked up another the other day - to teach myself a lesson not to be so careless...I know it's only £2.50 but I hate wasting money (says the girl with a make up addiction).

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  1. Even Im looking for cute make up bags... this one's in inspiration :D


  2. We Are The Crowd8:44 pm, July 08, 2011

    ooh, i love the floral prints - the Cath Kidston bag is gorgeous! :)

    Mollie from

  3. Your not alone! I love new makeup bags too!! I have too many of them! I want to get the Urban Decay Quincenera bag! :)

  4. I also have a florall pring one, and it's really cute! It's an Anna Sui make-up bag :)

  5. So, so pretty, I love it. I have several Betsey Johnson's, and an Anna Sui too!


  6. Omg, what a beautiful pattern/design! :)

  7. Very cute bag, what do you think about train cases. I have ordered one from caboodles.

  8. I have probably a dozen make up bags. I can't help myself. My leopard print ones are my favourites :)

  9. i love the floral prints from Cath Kidston, so pretty! xx


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