Get Beautifully Bronzed with BeautyUK

A little while ago BeautyUK got in touch with me to see if I'd like to review a couple of their products and as this is a brand I've heard lots about but never tried I was more than happy to.

I'm delighted with the bits they sent me as I'm a huge neutral/bronze fan when it comes to eye make up, and baked products are always prettier - to look at, at least!

I mainly thought of BeautyUK as an extremely budget-friendly brand stocked in Superdrug.  While their array of mini 10-piece eyeshadow palettes looked pretty good, I was never much tempted since there were never any testers available.  Since then however, the family-run business seems to have stepped up their game and are offering some great quality baked products at price points in line with other value-brands like Superdrug's Make Up Academy (MUA) and eyeslipsface.

This baked eye shadow trio (online it's called Earth but mine says it's Royal Rose - must have been renamed) is massive - it doesn't give the gram weight, but I'd say it's at least 4g - it's bigger than a MAC blush.

This sorry looking little brush comes slotted into the back of the palette - an innovative touch if only it worked well, but I wouldn't recommend using it to apply the shadows!Baked products, particularly eye shadows, can be a bit hit or miss (even for MAC) but the consistency of Earth is pretty soft, blendable and about as pigmented as you can expect from baked.  The colours compliment eachother really well, blend together and create a pretty smoldering look for a summer evening, but I even rock it to work.This middle taupe colour is just so gorgeous...

I normally don't have much luck with eyeliners any other colour than black - they're either not pigmented enough or the applicator is all wrong, but Pearl eyeliner in Rich Mahogany works really well.

With flash:
Natural light:

The tip of the applicator is plastic and a bit stiff, so my flick is a bit sloppy, but I could easily dip a good eyeliner brush in if I wanted a precise flick.  For just making a line along your upper lid, the applicator is just fine.

You are feeling verrry sleeeeppyyy...

Pearl eyeliner in Rich Mahogany £3.49 and the Baked Eyeshadow in Earth is £3.99 from most Superdrugs and online here.

Have you tried anything from BeautyUK?  I think I'll give the blushers a try next, they look beautiful.

*PR samples provided for review

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  1. Oh, that shadows look nice! The brush comes on all those products, I think, it's the same packaging as the blushes (which are very nice, btw.)

  2. Wow, those colors look amazing! Great finding!

  3. I am a massive fan of the palette that includes 2 gel-liners and 6 eyeshadows - I forget what it is officially called, but it's amazing. The eyeliners could be better but the shadows are amazing. Especially from the more neutral coloured of the two palettes. They're definitely worth checking out.

  4. I am a new follower. LOVE your pictures! I have always wanted to try out Beautyuk's eyeliners and now I think I definitely should. It looks so glamorous. ^^

  5. I've never tried anything from them (for obvious US related reasons.) The eyeliner looks gorgeous against your eyes.

  6. wow i love how it shiney!looks really pretty with your eyes

  7. oh, i like the eyeliner! so pretty!

  8. Hi,I've reviewed them too,if you want read it in my blog !

  9. For the price the pigmentation looks amazing, definitely need to swatch when im in superdrug next x

  10. I have the blush and it has the same brush!The colours look really nice!

  11. Beautiful colors! I loved it.


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