Jewels of the moment

July is my birthday month and that means one thing: new jewellery time!

I saw this knock off Links Sweetie charm bracelet in Primarni and had to have it for the cute charms which you can pick and choose and easily clip on.  The bracelet itself is a bit too chunky for my liking though...

My love of gold is growing by the day, I picked up this bracelet from one of those really naff 'Inch of Gold for a $1' get ups on my recent cruise, but this bracelet is seriously cute on, even if they did gyp me out of an inch!

My mum is so sweet, she always gets me a few little bits for my birthday, and she knows I love my bling!

I wouldn't rock this kinda ice on any day, but I have the odd black tie event for work, and you need to glitz up a bit.

This is another of my birthday boyfriend got me some necklaces too, but I haven't had a chance to snap 'em yet.

I wore this Primark pendant most of the time in Venice, so as you can see it's gone a bit tarnished with perfume and P20...sadface.

Feather earrings! I am OBSESSED with them.  For a while they freaked me out as they sometimes make a noise like a big fly near your ear, but I've learned not to yelp like a stepped-on puppy whenever this happens and we get on just fine now. These are from H&M and were about £4.  I keep buying more audacious styles...I reckon the next pair should help me take flight!

Rose gold and white: one of my favourite combinations...picked this up in the Basilica San Marco in Venice and I love it.  Can't guarantee I'll be using it to pray much though!

So that's about it...I have a few other new bits knocking about which I might post about.  Normally my accessories are over at portobellopearls.blogspot,com, but since it's been a bit quiet round 'ere I thought I'd put it up here (I'm away right now...shhhh!)

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  1. I have the same feather earrings and I love them :-)

  2. Il braccialetto con i charms รจ fantastico!

  3. My birthday was yesterday and guess what I got? My friends gave me the Maybelline mascara I wanted and an eyeshadow quartet!!

  4. I love the earrings, the cat (is it a pendant?), the glitzy necklace. Gorgeous!


  5. The little cameo charm is adorable!

  6. OMG! They're all so gorgeous! I honestly can't decide which one I like the most! Very impressive haul xxx

  7. The primark pendant and the cameo charm are my favorite. They're very cute.

  8. Lovely charms

  9. Love the charm bracelet. I have somthing similar. Although i have a diffrent chain and diffrent charms to the charms you got♥


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