What in my Travel Make Up Bag?!

Although I've been away a bit since my last one of these, I never had the time to do a post, so it's been a while and I have acquired a lot of new travel-friendly make up bits since.

You'll notice they're grouped into function below.  To me it seems a lot, almost double what I normally take away, but I'm going on a cruise, so I always like to tranny the make up on when at sea - you can get glam and no one raises an eyebrow.  So I'll be rocking statement brows, eyes, lips and cheeks - all on my face, at the same time.  Oh yes :)

First thing I always pack is my Sleek Storm palette


The tube is Collection 2000 Lasting Finish but the writing rubbed off within a week!




Container's not the exact one - mine is the slightly larger version but I didn't have a chance to snap it, but it's this print so you get the idea.  I got it in the Cath Kidston sale for 50% off.  I'm obsessed with CK stuff ten years later than everyone else as ever!

Check out tomorrow's post to see what toiletries I've packed.

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  1. Thanks for this! I'm going away on Friday, so it's useful (although I'm not going on a cruise and flying with Easyjet, so I will have less!)

  2. Im trying to pack lightly for my holiday i usually take about the same amount as you but dont wear half of it so going to travel light this year. Interesting post xx

  3. awesome.. you got all the essentials for any day/night event! wish i could get my hands on some topshop and sleek

  4. There's more make up in your travel bag, than I even own :D

  5. Were planning on cruises now because hubby hates flying so thanks for the heads up on trannydom. Sounds like heaven. Some days I wish I could be a show girl :D

  6. ahhhh everyone is going on cruises! I'm jealous! <3 I want to go too! <3

    NICE makeup stash! <3

    xoxo, Bree

  7. Great post, I always find it hard to decide what to take away with me. I think you've covered everything here. Enjoy your cruise :) xxx

  8. You've hit pan on the same Storm e/s as me, ha ha! Do you use it as a brow powder by any chance?

  9. You take almost the exact same things as me - I always find packing a nightmare though as I want to take everything!! x

  10. wow, you bring a lot during travel, hihihi... nice to see your travel makeup kit! :)

  11. I recently did a post on travel makeup too! ( It's so difficult to travel lightly and I always worry in case I don't have everything I need x


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