Primark Make Up Sale Haul

I've found some pretty decent bargain make up bits at Primark, so decided to try some I'd had my eye on for a while when they went on sale...looking at them all together now I realise that they're all highlighters of some sort!  Nothing like a bit of fake cheekbones...

These balls are in no way blusher - they're far too pale even for my NW15 skin.  They make a pretty good highlighter, although they're a bit chalky.  I like the novelty of the balls.

Again, these little pink hearts are touted as 'blusher' but they're more like Benefit Highbeam in powder form.  You can use them as a very pale blusher I suppose, giving the effect of a very shiny MAC Well Dressed.

This wasn't in the sale, at £2.50, but at least it's accurately described as highlighter.  I love the twisty packaging.  For some reason I forgot to do swatches.  This one gives a much more subtle effect than the previous two, but with the right brush it give a nice pale golden highlight, in the vein of NARS Albatross.

I'm very into pale, frosty eyeshadow at the moment, and this pencil is so easy to just swipe on in the mornings.  However I also use it as an eyebrow highlight.

Have you picked up anything in the Primark make up sale?

Check out my Primark Accessories Haul over at's a sneak preview:

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  1. I love the blusher hearts. They remind me of my (sadly now broken) accessorize pretty pink blusher.

  2. I'm definitely going to have to invest in the blusher balls, purely for the fact that they're called 'great balls of desire'.

  3. Those hearts are so cute all blushers or should I say highlighters (lol) should come in that form x

  4. Everything is so beautiful!

  5. Lovely purchases! I love the looks of that form of blusher, now I realllly want to try! lol. xx

  6. The great balls of desire look really fun. :) I'm very intrigued by ball blushers, bronzers, and highlighters. I think they're so fun!

  7. I never look at Primark make up, after seeing this I think I'm going to have to, it's adorable! x

  8. I love how Primark's packaging on their make up is kind of 'inspired' by Benefit with the quirky names etc.

    I can never find it though at the Primark where I live!

    xxx Kat

  9. Why doesn't Primark exist in the states? WHY WHY WHY? These are wonderful!

  10. i wish i'd seen this stuff before they discontinued it! xx


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