Favourite New (Steam Room) Cleanser

I recently joined a gym and one of my favourite places in it is, of course, the steam room.  I find my skin is so much better when I go at least a couple of times a week.  As a little experiment I brought this exfoliating cleanser along to massage onto my face while I sit there relaxing, and it's been working fabulously.  My face is wet, as directed, from the steam and I massage the cleanser in for about one minute.  I'm sure the other women in there think I'm nuts, but so what if I've got glowier skin, right?!

The scent is quite perfumey - I love it - but it doesn't smell at all what you would expect it to - which is a bit well, carroty and fresh.  The particles are extremely fine, but effective and this cleanser does a double job of exfoliating away dead skin to reveal plump, smooth skin underneath, yet the creaminess ensures that your skin nicely moisturised.

It contains Beta Carotene - a natural form of Vitamin A (from the carrots) with antioxidant properties which combat environmental skin damage.  Dead Sea Minerals unclog pores and act as a natural exfoliant along with the apricot which improves moisture retention.

This tube would work much better if it was a 'flip lid' as it is very fiddly to be screwing the cap back on with wet hands while the blob of cleanser slides off your palm, but it's a minor niggle.

You can pick this cleanser up from here for about £9.

*PR samples provided for review

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