TopShop Make Up - The Love Affair Continues... (very pic heavy)

This time last year if you told me I'd be obsessed with TopShop make up I would have laughed you right off my first impressions were so bad, I hated the packaging and didn't see any stand-out products.  The Cream blush Flush changed all that...

I really regret buying NARS Portofino Multiple instead of Orgasm, but I found a pretty good dupe of it in Luminescence...

£10 instead of £29? Yes please.

It was about time I expanded my TopShop blush collection, and Head Over Heels fits the bill perfectly.  £6.

Left: Head Over Heels, Right: Flush

I already have Dragonfly and Coal, so Bolt and Petrol allow me to add a nice pop of colour to my normally neutral eyes.  Bolt is particularly nice as it's more navy than blue, so it doesn't look tacky, but the whites of my eyes appear brighter. £4 each.

Left: Petrol, Right: Bolt

Above: Bolt
Below: Petrol

My friend gave me this highlighter as she found it too glitzy for her. I'm not sure I would have purchased this myself, but I'm sure I can make it work!

Am I missing any vital pieces from my TopShop make up collection? Do tell!

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  1. I've still not tried any topshop makeup, but i love the look of head over heels blush! its gorgeous and only £6 too, i think i will have to add it to my collection! x

  2. The colors look really pretty and the packaging is really cute!

  3. Ooooh I love the Petrol eyeliner and the Sunbeam highlighter, lovely!

  4. I must have Head Over Heels, how have I missed that shade?!

  5. I've STILL never bought any topshop make-up. You're making it look very tempting!! Petrol eyeliner looks great.

  6. wowww... what a colllection!!!

  7. Everything looks great but I loove head over heels and petrol!

  8. Please may you do a review of the cream blushes and the formula; it'd be really helpful as I can't get enough of cream blush lately and would like to see if it's a must have! Thankyou x

  9. i love the blushes!


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