Spritz 'n' Scrunch: Easy Beachy Waves with L'Oreal Professional Play Ball

A couple of weeks ago I attended a blogger event at L'Oreal's HQ in Hammersmith with Angel and got ma hurr did and better acquainted with L'Oreal's 'professional' brands which include Redken, Kerastase, Shu Uemura, and Keraskin.

I went to school with Angel right opposite the L'Oreal HQ and remember it being built or 'remodelled' from the previous company (where my mum used to work) which stood there...I remember looking out at the workmen when sitting in Double Science and I was very excited to find out it was going to be the L'Oreal building.  I handed a CV in when I was about 16...but didn't hear anything hoo! But I finally got inside to have a look around, and it's pretty swish!

They had a professional photographer there, so these are his shots - better than any I could have managed with my little point and shoot!

Angel and I, deep in convo:

Getting my hair styled into beachy waves in the distance:

Freya sorting out my mop:

The gorgeous Angel...if you don't already follow her blog and YouTube channel, DO IT NOW!

Learning about the Shu Uemura range which smells divine:

And now, back to the beachy waves! We were each given a goody bag with a range of the brands which were on show and I am so excited to try the Redken All Soft shampoo.

I found this cute little L'Oreal Professional Play Ball in beach fizz lurking in the corner.  It's basically a texturising spray which adds dimension and movement to your hair.  It has quite a fresh unisex scent so event guys with long hair could use this...I'm pretty sure Fredrick from Made in Chelsea carries one around with him by the look of his perfectly effortless beachy hair!

I had blow dried my hair straight, which probably wasn't the best thing to do, but I hadn't planned on playing with the er, Play Ball.  However the effect was still pretty good.  Next time I'll just let my hair dry naturally or rough blow dry it and then spritz the beach fizz through my hair.  After thoroughly spritzing I hung my head upside down and scrunched my hair up towards my scalp, holding for a few seconds each time.

The effect did drop out after a few hours, but I think it was more to do with my hair being very straight before I decided to go the beachy wave route.  It's a cute little bottle (150ml) so it's no bother to chuck it in your bag for a top up spritz and scrunch when you're on the go!

You can get it for £11.75 from here.


  1. Ooh your hair looks so pretty!

  2. Very sexy. Love the packaging. Must try this. Is it true that the body shop is now owned by loreal?

  3. Ooh I love it, it looks like it took loads of effort, can't believe it's only one product.
    Oh and sorry if I'm being cheeky answering the above question but I used to work for Body Shop, yes it's been owned by Loreal for a few years now.

  4. OHH!!! so beautiful and sexy hair!!!

  5. it's times like this I wish my hair wasn't poker striaght, this looks completely gorgeous!! x

  6. Your hair is bloody gorgeous! x

  7. Oh this product looks great, I'm going to have to get my mitts on this :)

    Christie xo


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