Primark Eyes and Lips

For some reason I can't seem to resist Primark make up - I know it's cheap and there are many, many duds, but every so often it does throw up a gem or two (Benetint exact dupe anyone?)

These were till-bound impulse buys, £2.50 each.

I like the cheeky, 'punny' packaging a la Benefit that Primark attempt.  This is a lip stain pen.  It's much darker red than I thought it would be, but boy does it stain! If you have quite full lips this would look fantastic on you, but I have thin, so it kind of makes them disappear (I pouted for the pics!).

It is a little drying so it needs something over it - I used a very glossy gloss which was a bad idea as things got a little messy - but something like Carmex should do the trick as it's not too runny.

Onto the eyes, I don't know why I picked up this Mascara as I hate L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion mascara which similarly has a kind of 'bombyknocker' (NOT the Urban Dictionary definition mind!) tip which is supposed to help you get at every lash.

At least the Primark one can be used like a conventional wand in a sense as there are bristles in a regular position too.  I do hate plastic wands though...they just don't coat the lenses the same as normal bristles.

...Aaaand, not a great result.  Clumpy and horrid.  My bottom lashes are too bad, but not great, so if anything I'll just be using it on them.  I've tried other Primark mascaras which have worked well, so I really think the problem is down to the wand rather than the formulation.

Have you tried Primark make up? Any duds? Any recommendations?

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  1. I was wondering about that mascara! My favourite thing from then was the due blush/bronzer and the nail foils.

  2. lol that mascara is er...a bit gross O.O your lovely thou!

  3. I never tried the Primark brand before... the Lip stain seems pretty good and since I use the Benefit ones I should give it a try... too bad we don't have Primark in Italy right now...

    I changed the layout of my blog if you would like to pass by and tell me what do you think I'll appreciate it alot!

  4. Hey, I was in Bodycare ( a kinda drugstore in the UK) and I saw they had a dupe of Benefit's High Beam! Its called Highlight or High Lighter... cant quite remember haha! but the formula is really good, same shaped bottle, and same size as benefit, but the price is only £1.99! :O :D Massive saving there! Click and Make up, i think you should do a review on it, as its truly fab!! Best wishes, Vicky xxxx

  5. Great post. I saw a couple of posts on the nail foils from Primark on some blogs but when I went into my closest Primark they don't seem to have them anymore :( My Primark seems to have reduced its beauty items down massively. They used to have loads of stuff not the case anymore!! :( ANYWAY after that blabbering I love your blog! :) xxxx

  6. that mascara is terrible :( i bought an ''eyeshadow and blusher'' pallete type thing from primark and did a review on it. It wasn't terrible, however it felt like 'little girl makeup' - if you know what I mean? The stuff you play with when you're 8 years old and just getting interested. But that lipstain looks fantastic! I'm really getting into red at the moment, will have to go and purchase this I think! Great blog btw :-) xx

  7. That mascara looks awful! It's too bad 'cause that brush looks so unique. Haha.

    I'll have to pick up the lip stain. I just tried and reviewed Revlon's JustBitten and well...meeeh.

  8. I never bought their make up, but once i bought some make up remover tissues and they were awful.. So i decided not to experiment much with them..

  9. i love the stain! but the mascara indeed is not good.... thanks for the review... :)


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