Primark Makeup: Benefit in Disguise?

Primark Lip & Cheek Tint
Primark doesn't just rip off designer fashions, it also does a little line in makeup - many of which are bargain dupes for high-end products - Benefit especially.
<---- This 'Lip & Cheek Tint' was the first bit of Primark makeup I picked up over a year ago.  For me, the product is identical to Benetint, even down to the lightly rose tinted scent.  The 'nail varnish bottle' packaging is extremely similar - minus the white lid, Benefit branding and £23.50 price tag.  The staying power is amazing - I've put this on my cheeks in the morning and it's still there in the evening.  The best bit is that it only cost £1!  The first one I bought does leak a bit if I carry it around in my bag, but I bought another and the seal on it is fine.

Another Benefit dupe I love is Primark's face highlighter - again, only £1.  Far more credit crunch friendly than £17.50 for High Beam.

While it's a lot pinker than High Beam it's actually more iridescent, which for some can be a bad thing, but if you are looking to brighten your face, the shinier the better!
It doesn't have a scent and the consistency is thicker than High Beam, but the applicator is identical.  It's great for mixing into your moisturiser or foundation to give your skin a healthy glow, especially during the winter months.

The Prime of Your Life
My final Primark - Benefit dupe is one of their newer products - 'The Prime of Your Life'.  It's a lightweight face primer that packaging and effect-wise is an amazing budget version of Benefit's 'That Gal' primer.  It's in a similar tube that twists up for the product to squeeze out holes in the top.  It's far more hygienic than dipping your fingers into a pot all the time.  Again, the best bit is it only costs £3.50 compared to £20.50 for 'That Gal'.  

Get in before there's a lawsuit!
I went through a primer phase but am getting out of wearing it now as I need to get a layer of sunblock in between my moisturiser and foundation.  This primer won't necessarily make your make up last longer, but it does feel creamy going on and gives you an even canvas.  Benefit's version is pink while Primark's is more of a peach which gives a lovely glow.

A Selection of Primark Makeup: some good, some £1 for a reason

1. Ta Ta For Now: this is a copy of YSL's Touche Eclat, but not as good.  It's a highlighter with a pinkish tinge to combat dark blue circles under the eyes.  There are a lot of copies on the market, but this one is great to just have in your purse and retouch on the go.
2. This is a brick of colours intended to act as a bronzer, but you could also use it as eyeshadow.  It's in a nicely made compact with a good mirror.  It's quite loose and to use as a bronzer you need to use a light touch.  It's a bit dark for fair skins.
3. I think the idea behind this one is Benefit's '10' box powder which is one half highlighter and one half bronzer.  You sweep the brush over both and apply to your cheeks to create a sculpted effect.  This one does not work well at all, the bronze is very orange and the highlighter is too pink.  It gives you a very unnatural look!
4. This is the aforementioned copy of Benetint. Love it.
5. Again, this highlighter is a great alternative to Benefit's High Beam.
6. This is a purple glitter eyeshadow. Awful, hardly any pigmentation, only for tweens for play with.
7. Whatever possessed me to but a bright green glitter eyeliner at 25 I'll never know.  Again, the glitter particles are few and far between, leave it to the kids.
8. I hoped these would be like Barry M's Dazzle Dusts.  The consistency isn't as fine, the pigmentation is poor and the colours are a bit wild, but they may work better over a eyeshadow primer or mixed with some MAC mixing medium.

All of the above cost between £1-3.  There are a few duds, but enough money saving gems to make the trip down to your local 'Primani' well worth it.

My last honourable mention is the Primark purple 'Kabuki' brush.  It's synthetic but extremely soft and although it's not dense enough to apply mineral make-up effectively, it's great for blending out bronzer or blusher if you've been too heavy handed or giving yourself a dusting of finishing powder.  And it's PURPLE (and only a couple of quid)!
Primark Synthetic Kabuki Brush

Have you found any make up gems at Primark?


  1. Hey do you think the primer + highlighter would be good for me? Times are tough, gotta stretch the pound these days. I have a pink blusher brush from Primani which is really good too. Have you smelt their body butters? I have coconut and the pineapple (although pineapple smells a bit too sweet - don't want the bees all over you at the park!). How about the bronzer? Would it be any good for my complexion? Can't afford high end make-up these days so you're gonna be my make-up stylist from now on! X

  2. Definitely. The highlighter is quite glossy, you might want to test the primer on a small patch of skin first to make sure you're not allergic to it as it could possibly block pores too. I haven't tried their blusher yet. The body butters are amazing, I have a passionfruit one which smells divine. I wouldn't recommend the blusher actually. My favourite cheapy makeup brand is actually: I have practically everything they make – everthing is £1.50-£3.50 and some of it is wonderful quality. I’m gonna do a little review series of their bits on here. You’d be much better off getting their studio bronzer, especially the one which comes with a blusher in the same compact. It’s a copy of the NARS Laguna/Orgasm bronzer/blush combo, even the packaging is similar and the product works well for the price. I'll be writing about loads of budget copies for high-end products over the next few weeks x

  3. Ahhh cool. Really need a good but cheap primer. Will try the primark one.

    I really wanna blog but haven't got net access on laptop because we can't afford to pay the bill till Mark gets paid at the end of the month :( broke times. Gonna have to look for a part time job. Let me know if you know any part time assistant jobs about 3 days a week anywhere. Actually, I'll do any job, doesn't have to be in an office. Sooo broke it's stupid. My mum and sis gave us money for a sofa so we're getting one delivered soon. Really need a bookshelf and dining table, but the one I want is £250 :-/

  4. I have tonnes of primers so I must do a review on them. What is it you want from them? To moisturise or prevent oiliness? My face gets like an oil slick so at the moment I really like the L’Oreal Stuido Secrets one – it’s also like pollyfilla for your pores! You can get it on offer sometimes in Boots for £10 but normally it’s £13. One which works really similar is an Avon one which is about £5 I think, as it’s only £1.50 more than the Primark one I’d go for this as it’s more like a ‘primer’ whereas I don’t really notice any difference after the Primark one. That or you’re better off with a good SPF to prevent sun damage! Anyway, big ol’ review to come! x

  5. My skin is just really uneven when I apply foundation, so mainly one that will even out the skin and make it smooth. I still have bad skin from that time I had the break out so maybe something that would help with that too.

  6. Ah then you need the pollyfilla, you can try the ones I have and see which you like best x

  7. I love benefit makeup! Awesome review!

    Your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

  8. ooohhh i love benefit products!!!!!! though since i live in malta i always fork out a huge amount on shipping!!! these seem like great products, but i couldn't find them anywhere on the internet :/ do you know where i can get my hands on these items please??

  9. Wow I wish my Primark stocked their make-up, some of this stuff looks rather interesting! xx

  10. Very interesting but do you know how the ingredients of both compare ?

  11. Nope, since I got good effects from the 'Benetint' copy I didn't look it up. Not sure if it's tested on animals, but Benefit stuff is anyway :(

  12. Hey again...
    I totally agrree with all of the above!!
    Did u know that they have bought out the prime of your life in the same pinky shade as 'that gal?' I got mine for 50p as there was some sort of mega sale on Primark make-up a few weeks ago..(they were probably getting rid of it all before Benefit's lawyers steam in and seize it!!) ;)
    Definitely check out my blog i think u will like it :) xxx

  13. I didn't actually, I'm not a huge fan of That Gal as it doesn't do anything for my pores, but if I see the Primark one for 50p I'd definitely give it a try!

  14. Loved that purple kabuki!

  15. wow there are some great copies there, i think i'll give primark make up a try especially whilst a student and cannot afford benefit :( thanks for the amazing comparison post xx

  16. i wish i'd managed to get some of this whilst they still sold it! xx

  17. I think the prices are amazing but sometimes the products aren't as good as assumed

  18. Oh my! I want to have the Kabuki brush! :D
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines


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