Won! Sleek MakeUP Pout Polishes

I never win anything, but a few weeks ago I got lucky (but not lucky enough to win the LE Swarovski eyeshadow palette!) on a Facebook competition and won a couple of their pout polishes.  Good times...

I'd already bought a pot of the 'Pink Cadillac' shade before Christmas and the first thing I noticed is that the latest batch is twice as pigmented, for me this is a good thing.  Other than that the scent and texture are the same.  Although the colours are stunningly vibrant the effect on the lips is more wearable, I was especially surprised by the Electro Peach:

Electro Peach

Pink Cadillac
The good stuff:
  • SPF 15:  lips need protection too!
  • Good value alternative (£3.99) to a MAC tendertone, if perhaps not as conditioning.
  • Quite long lasting and buildable for a more opaque effect.
  • Some nice ingredients: shea butter, almond oil and avocado oil (but a long list of unpronouncables too).
  • Can make a drying lipstick nicer to wear - I like to pair Electro Peach with my Revlon Colourstay liquid lipstick in 'Prized Peach'.

Things to consider:
  • The flavour may not be for everyone.
  • Currently sold out on Sleek's website (at least it's popular!) but can be tracked down in Superdrug.

I'm loving Sleek right now, especially the eyeshadow palettes and liquid eyeliner...more review to come!  The faster they can roll out their line in more stores the better!

What's your favourite Sleek product?


  1. A friend of mine located in the UK sent me some Pout Polish & I adore it! I couldn't wait until the website launched so I could buy all of the shades- what a great product for an unbelievable price! Imagine my disappointment when, a few weeks after launching, the price was raised to $9.00! And that's NOT including shipping, which is quite high. Shame on Sleek for taking advantage of it's growing popularity & raising rates to US fans. I suggest anyone interested in Pout Polishes check the UK Ebay site; you'll likely save $3-4 a pop!

  2. $9 is well over the exchange rate, but I have to say, it's usually the UK that gets stung on prices. If Sleek get the distribution infrastructure in place to roll out in the US then I reckon the prices would fall. Whenever I'm in the US I stock up on makeup and beauty products as they're much cheaper there. Take ELF for example, item for $3.50 on the US website are £3.50 on the UK. In the UK 'drugstore' brands like NYC, Revlon, Maybelline and Rimmel keep hiking their prices, but you can still get the stuff in the US for a few dollars. Even high end products like MAC are much I always take an empty suitcase! Thanks for the eBay suggestion - you're better to get it off there as it's a relatively new, low cost brand there's not too much risk that it will be a fake!

  3. I absolutely love Sleek pout polishes! I have the same two, and funnily enough, cos my lips are darker, the colours look more vibrant! I've done quite a few makeup FOTDs with them as I love them so.. Theyre defo a handbag/pocket item for me =)



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