Review: Sleek MakeUP Kajal Eyeliners

I should have bought a lottery ticket! I won another Sleek MakeUP Facebook competition and these lovelies arrived last week.  I've been interested in trying a Kajal since Guerlain launched one last year, but I don't have £26+ to spend on an eyeliner.  

Sleek's packaging is similar to Guerlain's but I can't say how alike the product's effects are.  

Good stuff:
  • So much fun to apply - you'll feel like an Indian princess!
  • Very cute packaging, similar to Guerlain's.  The 'crayon' twists up.
  • I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts and even after lining my waterline and tightlining I didn't experience any irritation and it didn't tickle my upper waterline like a sharp pencil can.
  • It is very soft and smooth to apply so I didn't have to pull on the delicate skin around my eyes.
  • Great for creating a smoky eye look, the purple one is especially pretty to smoke out. 
  • Very easy to create a sexy cat-eye look.
  • I haven't tried applying it the traditional way, i.e. holding the Kajal horizontally and pulling it across your eye (while squinting) so you line both waterlines at the same time.  This would prevent the tip from getting blunt.
  • Staying power - it's no MAC Tecknakohl: I wore it out and about on Sunday for about 7 hours and my eyes were a hot smoky mess by the time I got home.  But it was roasting out.  You'd need to bring it out with you for retouching.
  • It could be a little more pigmented, but then it probably wouldn't be as silky to apply.
  • You aren't supposed to sharpen a Kajal as it's supposed to stay pointed as it wears down, but I've already blunted mine a bit by using it vertically like a normal pencil eyeliner.
My Kajal 'Kat' eye look (I'm wearing Superdrug's MUA eyeshadow - review coming soon!)

They only cost £4 and you can get them at Superdrug or from Sleek's website.

What do you think of Kajal eyeliners?


  1. Your eyes look great! I think I would def end up with a blunt one of I had one too

    Lisa xx

  2. Thanks Lisa! They are so much fun to play with though! Your blog is really cute, just became a follower :) Kat xx

  3. I just won the black kajal in a giveaway too!! I haven't received it yet but I'm excited to try.

  4. Hi Kelsey! They're really fun to use! I hope they bring out some more colours, like teal and brown :)

    I just started following your blog - I felt a lot like you at 20!

  5. Nice review! I'm going to try the black one :)


  6. Thanks, they're so nice to apply! :) x

  7. im hesitant to buying it, because i cant get my head around how they would stay pointed, haha we'll see :)


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