FOTD: My Stupid O'Clock Look

Forgive my slightly tired/fed up expression...I had to get up much earlier than normal today...TFI Friday!  I didn't have much time to get ready so only used the basics - a mix of high and budget products, I'm not a make up snob!

I'd just blow dried my hair - damn errant flyaway hairs!
What I used

Moisturiser: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel.  It's an okay moisturiser but not worth over £20.

1. Lacura Beauty Foundation in Shade 10 - Transparent.  It's from Aldi, it's the cheapest foundation I own.  I love it the most! Upcoming review.
2. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Fair 1.  This is also the cheapest concealer I own - and I love it the most! It covers dark circles fabulously and is very creamy.  My Mac Studio Fix can be very drying.
3. i.d Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light.  I sometimes use this as my foundation alone and layer it on thick and buff in with a kabuki.  But I used it as a finishing powder today.  Unusually for a powder, it makes you glowy.
4. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Flush.  I got this as part of the PinkzaPoppin set over Christmas.  It's a good bronzer for my pale skin, not too pigmented or orange.  I gently contoured my cheekbones with it.
5. MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty.  Again it was part of the PinkzaPoppin set.  It's such a pretty colour but sometimes I feel it's a bit too coral and iridescent for me.  I could have applied it with a heavier hand today as you can't really see it in the photo.
6. ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light.  ELF is one of my favourite budget lines.  I use this with a small eyeshadow brush rather than the one supplied and shape my brows with a clean mascara wand.  I used to use a pencil but this kit is a lot better and reminds me of Benefit's Brow Zings.
7. MUA eyeshadows from Superdrug's new £1 range.  Review to come!
All over lid - Shade 1 - a wonderful pale gold highlight colour - FAVOURITE PRODUCT USED.
Crease: Shade 11 - pretty pretty mid brown, a bit like MAC's Sable.
To darken crease further: Shade 12 - a very multifaceted colour - browny/charcoal with a slight teal sheen.  Beautiful. 
8. Revlon ColourStay Eyeliner in Brown.  I used this on my waterline.  It doesn't irritate and lasts well.
9. Revlon ColourStay Liquid Liner in Black Brown.  Very easy to do a cat's eye with this.  The colour stays!
10. Shu Uemura eyelash curlers.  I don't rate these at all but use them given how expensive they were.  It's all hype. My H and M £2 pair are leagues better.  
11. L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagene Mascara.  This one's a bit sloppy and doesn't help curled lashes.  Thickens and lengthens decently.  No clumps!
12. No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Shine.  This was one of those freebies you get when you spend a certain amount with No7.  It's the first lipgloss I've seen with an SPF (15).  Pretty, pigmented colour and quite thick, which I like.  Not keen on the tiny brush though. 

Perfume: Dior Hypnotic Posion - my all time favourite.  More of a 'night' perfume, but I wear it anytime. 7am? Bring it on!

What's your favourite go-to everyday product?


  1. Dont worry, you dont look bad :)

  2. Hi Kat, I work with Kevin and he gave me the link to your blog - because I have one too, not just randomly - so I thought I'd follow and say hi. Robyn x

  3. @ Fashion Rehab: Thanks! :)

    @ edk.dolce: Thanks for following! I just became your 70th follower - I love the concept of your blog and your recipes look delish.

    @ Robyn: Hi! Kev told me about your blog but I couldn't find it by google searching, so thanks for following! I love your Grand Prix look! I saw you've just got into MAC, I love some of their stuff but the assistants in the Westfield branch are plain rude! Have you been into Inglot? I got great duo fibre and kabuki brushes there (very similar to MAC ones) for more than £10 less each :)

  4. thank you! I developed the idea for "Featured Followers©" where I promote my followers. You should definitely join if you'd like. Details are on my blog under the "Featured Followers" tab. It's a great way for me to promote my followers to other followers & for me to get to know all of you! And thank you so much. I love to change the layout ALL THE TIME. I love cooking! I'm glad you like my recipes. I'm going to try to do more tutorials and posts on that concept. Happy Memorial Day!

  5. 'Featured Followers' is a wonderful idea ! I will check it out x

  6. Wow well impressed honey. Love you look at the moment...may even try it out myself! X


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