NOTD: Diet Coke Break Bonus!

Diet Coke is for wimps.  I choose real 'full fat' *gasp* Coke over diet any day but that all changed when I saw what I'd get for loading up on aspartame...

'London' with flash

I picked up two 500ml bottles (£1.18 each and happily the cherry flavour of DC is also an option) in Boots last week and got this nude-greige-taupe-y shade of Nails Inc. polish entitled 'London' for free, or £2.36 if you intend to pour the liquid (read: anti-freeze*) down the loo.  Nails Inc. polishes normally cost around £10 a go.

The colour photographs better than its reality and in certain lights - especially artificial - it looks like a muddy Thames (very London!) brown (you get the idea below, although this was taken in daylight). While hetero males may be left scratching their heads as to why a woman would want to paint her nails this colour, what they know about fashion trends could probably be written on my pinky finger nail.  Your lady friends will get it.

Without flash

There are three other colours to collect: a classic pillar box red (Milan), a bright, almost neon pink (New York) and a mauve-y purple (Paris).  I almost went for New York as I'm like a magpie when it comes to bright colours, but realised that I never actually wear crazy colours as they look awful and very cheap when they chip (normally within 24 hours).  So I talked myself out of adding the 58th bottle of non-corporate-friendly blinding pink polish to my collection.  Such is the wisdom of old age.

I have a few Nails Inc. polishes, some even came free with magazines (Yay for Glamour and InStyle!) and they're one of the best mid-price ranges around, one coat does the trick most times, minimal chipping and nice glossy finish.

I've been into Boots a few times since and every time there were a few crazed women at the tills buying armfuls of diet cokes.  The London shade is getting thin on the ground, so if you really want it, move fast!

*Word to the wise: do not drink both bottles of diet coke in the space of a few hours.  Bad things can happen to good people.  Your best bet is to use it to remove rust from various metal tools, car engines, etc.)

Which colours did you manage to collect?


  1. this diet coke promotion is great lol !!! i have london its my fave i also managed to get my hands on milan today wooooo :) xx

  2. Milan is lovely, but I tried in on a nail in Boots and it just doesn't match my skin colour - I need a tan! I really tempted by New York...


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