Where the wild things are

Today I'm going here:

So I will be out of action for a week or internet, no blogging...but lots of make up experimenting and reviewing for my return.

Peace, relaxtion, Gossip Girl DVDs, bliss :)

At some point I'll also be attempting to climb this:

Last night I went along to Liz Earle's flagship store near the King's Road and met the lovely lady herself who introduced us to her Sheer Skin Tint which launches on 8th September (£21 for 40ml).  It's the brands first foray into cosmetics and out of only three shades, the fairest (Bare) suits me perfectly.  It's got pride of place in my suitcase and I'll be trying it out over the next week and cannot wait.  It's matte finish is already making me think it's going to knock my favourite tinted moisturiser-du-jour (No7) off its pedestal.

I adore the packaging, this inky blue colour has actually been patented as 'Liz Earle Marine' and was inspired by the dark, deep blue Solent which divides the Isle of Wight, where the brands HQ is, from the mainland.

There are definitely more make up launches in the pipeline from Liz Earle, so it's all very exciting!

On the tube journey home I had a poke into the gift bag we were given and it's no wonder YouTube haul videos are so popular - the two women opposite me were utterly transfixed by each item I took out of the bag and unwrapped! I must say I'm the same when I see another impatient person rifling through their just-bought swag - I'm rubber necking like a meerkat to see what they've got!  But I look most like a crazed stalker staring away when other women are applying make up on the tube/bus - tell me I'm not alone?!

On my nails: OPI Skull & Glossbones from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection 

I may manage to rustle up a scheduled post or two before I head off, but if not, see you in a week(ish)!

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  1. I love skull and Glossbones!

    Where you're going looks beautiful! Have fun :D xxx

  2. I stare at people doing their makeup on the tube too!


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