HAIR-lelujah!!! My hair will never be the same again!

I don't look too happy about it do I? I but believe me, my hair and I have finally come to peace after many many years!

All thanks to this:

I'm a huge fan of 'regular' Batiste, especially the Brit formulation for the scent, but XXL is very very different.

and this: 

You rub about this much of the powder into your hands, then scrunch up into your roots.  It feels very odd and you may have a 'There's Something About Mary' moment, but things will soon calm down.

Flat, icky hair (it had been washed four hours earlier, but see how flat it is? And dare I say, looking greasy at the roots?! Yuk.)

After a good blast of Batiste XXL...


Bouncy: CHECK!

Look! Look!

Then I scrunched through some Schwarzkopf got2be POWDER'ful

It's a bit messy at the ends, but I was in a rush, 'kay?! Normally I just grab my hair in a pony tail and brush the ends through holding on tight to make sure I don't drag out the volume from the roots.  As usual, my hair was being naughty for the camera, but I've gotten much more impressive results before - my hair makes me at least half a foot taller! If you're manky enough to not wash your hair the next day and add some more Batiste your hair will possibly reach the outer limits of the known universe.

Praise Jeebus! My hair prayers have been answered by this divine combination.  They laugh in the face of the sorry waste of packaging that is Umberto Giannini Back Comb in a Bottle - pah!

Only problem is, I won't leave the house without one or the other (mostly both) in my hair! It's an addiction and I am stockpiling XXL cans like a woman possessed.  Got the last one in Boots yesterday and then cleared Superdrug out.  Just wait until there's an offer, I'm going to need to build an extension.

Okay, enough of the hyperbole.  In all seriousness, the only two drawbacks I can think of are that it makes your hair colour slightly duller - with me, I look less red and more mousy.  Second, if you're on your second day of using it you may find that it's not too easy to run your fingers through your hair - it feels slightly, well, matted, but that's what it needs to be like in order to stay volumised and away from your scalp.  So if your man likes running his hands through your hair, he may find it a bit icky.  Personally, I am totally fine with both these drawbacks, and the boyfriend just has to deal with the matted hair!

I award Batiste XXL HOLY GRAIL status! 

Batiste XXL is £3.99 and Schwarzkopf POWDER'ful is currently on sale for £3.05 at Superdrug.  Now run!

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  1. Wow, what a hair transformation!! This combo makes a HUGE difference. Your after hair looks SO soft and bouncy :D

  2. OOohhh!! Amazing results!

  3. I love normal Batiste for giving my hair a bit of lift - will certainly have to try out the XXL! Thankfully I find it makes my blonde hair look a bit blonder and blends any roots too, rather than dulling the colour.

  4. Wow your hair looks great! I have the POWDER'ful but had forgotten about it until I saw your post! Will have to whip it out and see what it does for my hair! xx

  5. Wow your hair looks lovely :)

    Sarah xx

  6. What a difference. The hair looks great

  7. wow your hair looks really nice!! xoxo
    please follow back!! xoxo

  8. wow, this is an amazing product! i can really see the difference it made! :)

  9. Wow that's an incredible transformation. I have problems with flat liimp hair too. Your hair looks gorgeous!


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