Sleek MakeUP Nude Collection! (very pic heavy)

I've been waiting for this collection it seems like forever! I was delighted to receive this in the post this morning from the lovely Sleek people, but I can safely say I would have bought the whole collection anyway!  It's utterly beautiful and Sleek's answer to Urban Decay's Naked Palette.

Au Naturel I-Divine.
Typical black packaging with large mirror.  Think it would have been cool if it was a pinky nude colour.
8 matte shades: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Moss, Bark, Regal and Noir
4 shimmer shades: Taupe, Conker, Moss and Mineral Earth.

Nubuck (top row, middle right) is an excellent matte grey which really brings out blue eyes.
Conker and Moss (bottom row, left and middle) and gorgeous shimmery shades.  

Taupe is (top row, far right) is easily my favourite shade.  Worth buying the palette alone for this one.
Regal (bottom row, middle) is my new favourite crease shadow.

A closer look at Taupe

Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The matte shades don't show up that great as swatches, but they leave a nice wash of colour on the eyes.  The shimmery shades are a lot more pigmented.  Noir - a matte- has come a long way since the Circus palette and is richly pigmented.

Suede Blush
This could almost work as a contour powder for me, but it looks very natural as a blush on me - almost the colour I naturally flush.  Something about it - what it looks like on my cheeks more so that what it does in the pan - reminds me of NARS Douceur which I've wanted for yonks.

Bare Minimum Pout Polish
This is the least pigmented Pout Polish I've tried, but it does leave a lovely shine on the lips and has the usual Sleek scent.

I was so excited to try it out I did a quick eye look and swept on the blush over my work make up, so it looks a bit ropey, but wanted to give you an idea of an overall look from the Nude Collection.

Nubuck over the lid, Regal in crease and Nougat on inner corner.

Really love the blush.


With flash

Without flash

Au Naturel iDivine is £6.49
Suede Blush is £4.29
Bare Minimum Pout Polish is £4.29
The Nude Collection launches in Superdrug and online from 31st August and it will join the permanent line.

Will you be picking up any bits from the Nude Collection?

I'm giving away a Sleek MakeUP Starter Kit (Rose Gold blush, Storm iDivine, Dominatrix Ink Pot, Contour Kit, Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac and True Colour Lipstick in Papaya Punch). Enter here (link!).

*PR samples provided for review


  1. I adore that palette !
    and i want that collection too <3

  2. The palette is so gorgeous! Love how it has mostly matte shades!

  3. owwww thats toooooooooooooooooo good ...really very very nice....i will be very much delighted to have it:)

  4. I really love this Sleek palettes!

  5. Not sure I need the palette now I bought lots of Inglot but that blush is MINE. Miiiiine.

  6. Woww that's a lovely collection!!!! You look great <3

  7. O My God, I want EVERYTHING!!!!!

  8. omg, they look gorgeous. i'd like to buy all of them right away!

  9. Love it! I need to buy some sleek products..I've heard nothing but good things about them. Great post

  10. Love this collection! xx

  11. That blush IS really nice on you! I'm surprised as it looks so dark. Shame the mattes aren't very pigmented in the palette though :(

  12. I need this whole collection asap! It's so stunning, and such a wonderful review. Your photos are amazing, and the colours work so beautifully for you.


  13. I preordered the collection, cannot wait until it finally gets here next week I hope! Ahh, lovely neutral shades.

  14. You suit this - the pallette colours are great for your skin tone xxx

  15. The colours are quite pretty! I really love that blush on you! Your cheek bones look fabulous!

  16. I can feel this being my favourite pallet of the lot! great blog! really helpful!xxxx

  17. i am so upset, this could have been my favourite palette of them all. I was so hoping they would go back to the drawing board and reformulate the first row of the nude palette. what a shame, what a crying shame. i am so upset xx

  18. You're the second UK beauty to showcase these and the shock, makeup-lust and general envy has yet to go away.

    This palette is clamoring to be in my hands and lovingly stroked. That blush also owns me and FOR SOME REASON I even want the nude lip gloss.

  19. I will definitely be picking up the palette. It is absolutely perfect for day-to-day wear!

  20. What is it like to work with the mattes? I love mattes, and have been looking for a palette with great matte neutrals. Is there a lot of fall out? Do they "play well together"? i.e. blend well? Or do the colours get muddy? Thanks in advance for your help!

  21. This looks lovely, I defo agree on the blush it looks really nice and I have read that the lighter matte shades arent as pigmented but tbh for the price you couldnt buy that anywhere else and have the amount of shades you wil get for that. cannot wait to get out and buy this - Roll on the 31st!



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