Coming to a Tesco near You! VIVO Cosmetics (Extremely Pic Heavy!)

Your weekly Tesco shop is about to get a little a lot more interesting come September with the launch of new budget make up line Vivo Cosmetics...

I was expecting products along the lines of Superdrug's MUA range (which I love, especially some of the eyeshadows) and while the prices are slightly higher, they are still very purse-friendly (ranging from £1.50 - £6) and the products better quality.  

This post is extremely pic heavy, but I want to show you the breadth of this range, focusing on my top picks.  First shots are from the blogger event, but I've got some better quality ones and swatches further down.

Baked Blushes, £4, there will be 4 shades.  My faves are Peaches and Cream (left) and Rosy (right).  They remind me a lot of the Accessorize blushes, so if you haven't been able to get your hands on them, try these.

The Baked Bronzers will be £5 and again remind me of the Accessorize range.

 Not a huge range of foundation shades, but the lightest, Natural Sand looks to be something in between MAC NC15 and NC20.

Blush and Highlighter Duo, £2.39 - I'll be giving one of these away soon so stay tuned!

Now, we come to one of the best pieces - the Baked Shimmer palettes.  For £6 you get a blush and four eyeshadows.  Now I have some Prestige Baked Minerals eyeshadows which look similar to these and they are so badly pigmented it's ridiculous - but these are in another, much better, league I'm glad to report!

Single eyeshadows for £1.50 each.  The shimmery ones are better pigmented than the mattes, as per the norm with budget eyeshadows (MUA is the same).

A small range of false lashes ranging from £2-4

Glitter liners for £2.  The ones with chunks of glitter don't come off that well, but the pearlised ones are fantastic.

Pink Pout for £1.99 looks and smells divine, and the packaging ain't bad either.  Reminds me of NARS Orgasm in a tube with it's golden sheen.

With Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss over the top in Nude Shimmer, £1.99

This highlighter may be £5 but it will last your for a stupidly long time (unless you use it on your body!).  The colour reminds me of Benefit's Moon Beam.  It's gorgeous.

Highlighter dotted along top of cheekbones.

The pressed powder gets a massive thumbs up from me.  Sturdy packaging, whacking great mirror, nice sponge and the best bit - excellent coverage in a tone that pretty much suits my summer skin.  For £2.39 you can't beat it with a stick. 

Now here's a closer, and clearer look at my favourite of the Baked Shimmer Palettes, Chocolate Box.

Swatched dry, no primer, no nothing - and look! 

This is Peaches and Cream Baked Blush - so pretty in the pan, if a little orange on my cheeks, but I'm determined to make this work, and on the right skin tone (tanned probably), this will be a gorgeous blush.

This is a great little eyebrow kit and I particularly like the brow gel with the tiny wand, but as you're probably only going to need one colour, or at most a mix of two, I prefer e.l.f.'s Studio Brow kit for only £3.50 as opposed to £5 for this.

There are some great little eye shadow trios for only £2.50 - five in total - and this is Be-Dazzled.

I must say I'm much more impressed by the quality of these products than I thought I would be, and there are some nice unusual things in there for a budget range, like the baked palettes which are great for travelling or stashing in your desk at work for that last minute night out on the town.  On the whole, the quality is good and I love that the products have cute names - silly, but it amuses me!  I haven't tried any of the mascara, false lashes, eye liners or baked bronzers, so if you have, let me know how you get on.  There is a great little concealer set which unfortunately is too dark for me but I'd say it hits a good range of skintones, so you should give that a look too.

VIVO hits selected Tesco supermarkets in September - what will you be picking up with your milk and veg?


  1. The baked eyeshadows are stunning! xx

  2. My nearest tesco is closed for refurb till next year! Damn them, special "food" shopping trip must be made!!!

  3. the baked shimmer palettes look amazing!!

  4. ENVY! This looks like a very well rounded brand. The mineral products and that highlighter look great! Wish I could try them!

  5. OMG i'm gonna live in england for six months and i have a tesco just next to my campus... i can see my money fading away :P

  6. Oh gosh the eyeshadow palette and the highlighter look magnificent!

  7. The baked shadow palettes and the little brow kit look great. And I for one would not sneer at picking up falsies during the weekly shop!

  8. Your pics are great and I really like the look of the Palettes! I can never find makeupin Tesco though, the ones nearby never stock any or if they do, the aisle is always locked and no one to be found :(

    I will keep my eyes peel for that though!

  9. I've got to get my hands on some of this! Wow thanks for the tip off :) added to my wishlist right away!

    xxx Kat

  10. I agree about the eye brow kit.. I love it as the dark colour is great for me but I feel it's a bit of a waste of space in my make-up bag (and a waste of product) being a trio. And these things last so long! I was gonna suggest we swap palettes once we're out of the colour we use but that won't be for another 4 years!

    I was gonna do a video about the range but kept forgetting to ask you to send over some photos.. I think I'm gonna give away some of the stuff with my Birthday Giveaway.. I'll refer people to this post. <3

    youtube.com/AngelArmogida | High Heels & Lipgloss

  11. These look gorgeous! I am looking forward to trying some of these products...thanks for this post! :)


  12. The Peaches and Cream blush is divine! The baked palettes look interesting as well. Yay, new makeup!

  13. Definately need a trip to Tesco this weekend!

  14. @Hannah - they are - and so pigmented compared to other baked eyeshadows.

    @PenPot - yeah most of my local Tescos are little 'uns so I'll have to go to one of those massive beasts on the outskirts to pick up some more!

    @Jade - they're even prettier in the flesh!

    @Eden-Avalon - it is very well rounded!

    @Dadda - haha, hope you enjoy it!

    @Amyboo - the highlighter is really lovely

    @Robyn - I'm always open to picking up falsies - anytime, any place!

    @Ms Bubu - thanks! yeah you'd need to go to one of the larger stores to see the full range

    @HelloKittyx94 - you're welcome

    @Angel Armogida - let me know what pics you want. Do you want to swap the blushes? Finding peaches and cream too orange for me x

    @Chuui - thanks and have fun!

    @Cydonian - it's so pretty in the pan but I've come to accept it doesn't suit me too well. The baked products are great quality though.

    Kat xx

  15. @Cheryl - go go! but they've only given a vague release date of 'September' - so it might not roll out to all stores for a few days yet - maybe call ahead first to check they've got the range in if you're planning to make a special trip x

  16. I can't wait for this line to launch. I'll be checking out the baked shadows, the lippies and the pressed powder. I'm sure I can slip some in the trolley without my fella noticing ;)

  17. wow some amazing things there cant wait to see these in person

  18. Fun products! Do the foundations have any SPF's?

  19. ahh love the look of this stuff! can't wait until i get to tesco and buy some xxx

  20. Love the look of the eyeshadows, Bought the Natural Sand Matte Foundation today, had to get the cashier to price check as i thought it was mispriced - love it, as good as my usual Rimmel : )

  21. Does anyone know if vivo cosmetics are in Tesco already? If not do you know when they will be available? Xx

  22. they really look great but their not in my tesco..x

  23. hi... i have used virgin vie make up for years.. powder/foundation face base.. imagine my horror they have gone bust!!!! ! the nearest alternative i have found is maxfactor facefinity.. tried vivo range omg fantastic! primer, beauty balm (3 colours) awesome.. eye pencils £1.50 fab...sooo happy..

  24. I have the VIVO Lasting Impression sheer foundation in fairs fair shade (the lightest shade) and it's good for when I'm tanned.. but it looks too dark for my average every day face.. It's so hard for me to find a cheap foundation that matches my skin tone.
    The product can go on in streaks if you don't persist with it, and it takes around 10 mins to dry fully, but then still feels like it's going to come off. For 50p.. (yes it was on sale XD!) it's great for someone with average skin colours! XD I think I'll invest in some powder to set it properly, I've never really been used to liquid foundations.
    Does anyone happen to know of any cheap hypo-allergenic face primer? Does this range happen to do any? I know hypo-allergenic is expensive stuff though -_-

  25. The baked eye shadows look exactly like mac ones! X


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