November Favourites

Better late than never eh?!

November was a whirlwind of activity, particularly at work, and while I wore lots of slap and used a billion beauty products in Miami, this past week I've let my skin breathe and went bare-faced.  This month my best friend has been Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.

MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve
: this is a like a watered-down nicer smelling 8 hour cream.  It's a massive tin so I still have loads of it left as it's a bit large to lug around in my bag.  I use it on my lips only.  It was a limited edition product so you can't buy it anymore :(

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream: why it's called a cream I'll never's more of a gel consistency, is a nasty golden colour and smells medicated, but if you have really chapped lips or dry patches on your elbows etc., it does the job.  I slather it on my lips before bed and carry this tube around with me at all times during the winter.

Benefit Georgia: this is an extremely sheer peach face powder.  Some people use it as a blush but it's not pigmented enough really.  I sweep it all over my face on top of liquid foundation as it doesn't make me look cakey but gives a lovely glow.  I've had this box two years now and it's still going strong!  The little brush that comes with it is rubbish so I just use a fluffly powder brush.

Benefit Dallas: they call it a 'dusty sunset plum' powder.  It's extremely pigmented and too dark to use as a blush with mu skintone, but the pink undertone makes it a great contour powder for me used skims a few pounds off my cheeks.  Excellent.  Click here for a dupe I found of it.

EOS lipbalm: another lip product for you...I picked this up in Urban Outfitters half a year ago and I just get to like it more and more! Click here for my full post about it.

No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 wipes: an absolute travel necessity.  Best cleansing wipes I've found.  Click here for my full review.

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
: I love this gel eye liner.  I neglected it for such a long time in favour of pen and pencil eye liners.  How wrong I was.  With the right brush (MAC 210), retro cat's eyes are a doddle.
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick: my heart sunk when it was confirmed that this will be discontinued in Feb. 2011.  This is my Holy Grail red lippy and firm monthly favourites staple, so I picked up a back up when I was in Miami.  However, I think I've found a pretty good dupe from stay tuned!

For about a year and a half now my favourite nail varnish combination has been GOSH's Metallic Purple underneath Frou Frou.  Below is Metallic Purple, and Frou Frou just makes it the prettiest shiniest light purple.  I love the quality of GOSH polishes, however this combo does chip quickly, but it's easy to touch up, and now I've discovered the wonders of Seche Vite, it will last much longer.  It looks great with a tan.

Moving away from beauty items, I have been OBSESSED with Mad Men this month.  I got the season 1-3 box set from Amazon and watched it all in under one week.  I love EVERYTHING about it.  The storyline, fashions, where it's set, the era, and I'm developing a ripe old crush on Don Draper, even if he is a bit of a slut.  It's selling for less than £27 now but I paid about £35 for it :( Harrumph!

And meet my
Dominic the Donkey gloves...Himself bought them as a joke for me from Tezenis last winter but I never take them off! They look goofy but are unbelievably warm as they're fleece-lined and always come in handy to amuse children on the bus...
Ching-a-dee-ching it's Dominic the Donkey!


  1. Great favs!! Love that nail polish:))

  2. I still haven't gotten round to trying an EOS lipbalm, I really must get one. Love your donkey gloves, how adorable!

  3. i can't wait to hear about the viva glam dupe because we don't get mac in malta :) and i love how the viva glam in cyndi looks :)

  4. Love the favourites! Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is amazing!

    - Sriya x

  5. I love Benefit Dallas as a blush :)! It's highly underrated, isn't it?

  6. awesum list...i am in love with ur gosh nail paint
    its superb..sadly its not avaiable in india :(

  7. Great post! LOVE MadMen...although Don Draper always mades me mad! Interesting to know about the no7 wipes...I always browse the no7 products at Target, but haven't picked anything up yet. It looks like a nice line.

  8. i've been wanting to try out the mac salve, maybe they sell it at ccos? and& i've also been loving Dallas this month, it's a gorgeous barely-there blusher on my skin! x

  9. the benefit blushes look so nice!! i want 1..

  10. I was obsessed with Mad Men!!! After finishing the last episode I was literally devastated, haha. I thought I'd never ever find a series that good! LOL

  11. The glove is so cute!! Your description of the 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden sounds so enticing. I should definitely check it out the next time I visit their counter.

  12. lovely nailpolish and I would like to try the Georgia one myself!


  13. yay boots no.7!! i love their products!

  14. I love EOS lip balm- I just got the lemon one. MMMMM. Mint is still my favorite... but lemon is a close second. The Fruit Punch smells like vomit to me. LOL. :)

  15. I -love- that GOSH nail polish, wow!

  16. lol how great are those gloves!!!


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