Santa Claus Came To Town!

I had a pretty low key Christmas, just me and mumma. My boyfriend was across the Irish Sea spending it with his folks...one day I hope we will spend it together :) However, Santa must have felt sorry for me and I had lots of lovely presents to play with! In past Christmases I used to get a lot of new clothes and shoes, but none of that this year, just beauty, beauty storage and electricals and a good dollop of Hello Kitty madness!
On to the good stuff...tis pic heavy!

Oh yes, it's Chanel...my first "Channel" stuff ever actually! This was a Secret Santa present...a fabulous one!

Presenting the gorgeous and famous Rouge Noir and equally beautiful Miami Peach.

I waited so long for this Juicy Couture perfume...like waiting for Christmas har har! My lovely boyfriend finally hooked me up with the gift set! 

I still can't work out how to open the charm however so any tips are welcomed!

The bottle and the fragrance are just divine, and if you think Juicy Couture is tacky, which I certainly did, the scent is a million miles away from your expectations!

My mum got me these make up books and so far so good, although I think Rae Morris is nuts to advocate applying foundation AFTER doing your eyes.  I just can't see how that would work AT ALL!  I'll do a fuller post on these, and the Bobbi Brown one I got for my bday soon.

More Chanel! I've wanted this perfume for yonks so I decided to treat myself :)  I'm not loving the bottle as I do love the all glass ones but I would have had to get a much bigger one and I have too much perfume as it is.

I also got this one for myself - thankfully I only paid £15 for it at Portobello Market...it may be off the back of a lorry, but it seems pretty legit!

My girlies mates did Secret Santa this year (recession n'all ya' know) How did I not already own this palette?! There's a freakin' kitty cat on the front and the colours are right up my street! I heart Urban Decay and have a feeling this palette will usurp my Sleek Storm for pride of place in my travel make up bag from now on! 

My mum got me these goodies.  Bourjois Healthy Mix has been my favourite foundation since I tried it back in June and I'm excited about the pale colour of the Max Factor one...detailed review soon.

My lovely cousin sent me this set of travel size toiletries, I love them as they're just the right size for a 2 week break! 

New make up brush holder and palette holder from Paperchase - I always loved stationery items but being able to use them to hold make up is even better!

I've wanted an iPod dock for ages and this is my perfect one - Hello Kitty! The sound is actually amazing as there's a speaker on the bottom too.  The bass can get really strong.  It's really funny to hear a bleak Smiths song blasting out of this cute thing! I can't wait to bust it out at a house party and have people thinking WTF?! but then being impressed by it's ghetto-blasterness!  Kev got me this along with the cute headphones.

I actually got a blue set of drawers with a rip-off Cath Kitson floral design but decided to swap it for the cupcake set as it matches my room better.  This will be my new jewellery storage.

My mum got me the earrings on the left and my lovely workmate got me the cute earrings on the right and cupcake wipes, I can't wait to wear them! They're so me :)

The mumma got me this amazingly soft La Senza robe which I will live in until March and a snug new cover for my iPhone - how cute! And the white dots provide amazing grip as I'm a bit clutzy.

Cute diary from Kev - is that Hello Kitty on a Flow Rider on my birthday month?!  I think there's definitely a theme to my gifts and yes, I probably am about 21 years too old for Hello Kitty!

I'm at least 16 years too old for this Beauty & The Beast DVD, but look, it's for my kids, if I ever get around to having them! Disney only ever releases 'official' versions of classic films every millienium so having missed out on it last time, I HAD to have it! This film is the backdrop of my childhood.  My other gorgeous workmate got me this fabulous Twilight mug - this definitely is not going anywhere near a dishwasher or microwave! And no chocolate is good enough for me to rip Jacob and Edward's lovely faces!

I really needed a nice change purse and this one is perfect, I love the bow! Also from lovely workmate :)

Room scent diffuser - it smells just like Christmas!

I couldn't work out what this was for a while - I actually tried to put it on like a bracelet! Doh! But it's actually for hanging your bag from a table safely out of the reach of thieving hands!  This is perfect for me as I get completely paranoid whenever I'm out since I had my bag snatched on my birthday a few years ago :'(

Best game ever from Kev...I get horribly competitive when playing it - you wouldn't want to be playing against or even WITH me.  Monica from friends was a pussycat by comparison...I really don't know why he let himself in for this!

Gift to myself...I actually spotted it walking home through Portobello Market and the dude gave it to me for a tenner - cheaper than Amazon - even though it's all new like, and was wrapped in shiny plastic :) Don't know how much I'd cook from it though - I thought the recipes would be a bit more practical as they involve quite a lot of different ingredients which isn't ideal when you just want to do a quick whip around Tesco after work for the bits you need before cooking...

I also picked this up for myself as it has the layout I love which normally only Moleskin diaries have - full week on the left page and a clear page for notes/to do list on the right.  It's so pretty!  This will be my planner for what I hope to do and the HK one will be my 'diary' of what I actually d0...

 My other lovely workmate got me my very own prince for Christmas...sadly I left him in a cup filled with neon green liquid in a Soho bar...I just hope I didn't trigger a bomb scare.  I really miss him and hope he got the chance to grow up big and strong and find a lovely girl.  Kev wouldn't have been too happy about him anyway!

I tried to bribe my mum with vast sums of money to get a real tree for Christmas to no avail...Argos plastic 5ft it is then :( Even though I promised to vacuum up an dead pines...

So I'm feeling very lucky, punk! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted!


  1. so many wonderful stuff!! :) will be looking forward to the swatches and reviews of the makeup. you sure are one lucky girl. ;)

  2. Wooow lucky u. The URBAN DECAY palette looks awesome and also your perfume hehe

  3. Ooh everything looks lovely! I got the La Senza Robe aswell :) so cosy! x

  4. Wow, somebody must have been very, very good this year! Lots of lovely stuff, nice :-)

    I think I got on Santa's naughty list again ;-) no gift exchanging here, but it didn't spoil the fun. Looking forward to your swatches and looks! Hope you'll have loads of fun!

  5. Everything looks lovely, you're one lucky girl!

  6. wow seems like you had such a wonderful xmas there! i will wait for your review then, hehe

  7. waa..another Urban Decay great palette, can't wait for your review dear ;)

  8. Wow Girl! You got tons of goodies! I hope you enjoy them hun :)

  9. Loved the post sweetie, I always enjoy reading the goodies everyone receives or purchases for themselves. Hope you enjoy them and wishing you the best for the new year :)

  10. I occasionally put foundation on after eyeshadow if I'm using loose shadows, as they go everywhere and they're a pain to clean up. It takes a bit of work and you have to apply it (the foundation) carefully with a brush - you can't just slap it on with your fingers like I would normally do.

    That's a pretty fantastic haul you've got there - lucky you. :-)

  11. I like a lot Juicy Couture perfume!!
    I own Rouge noir nail polish, it´s gorgeous!!!! Classic shade.
    Wonderful gifts :)
    Check out my blog, I hope you like it!


  12. omg you got some amazing stuff!


  13. Great goodies! The Hello Kitty iPod dock is very cute hehe!

  14. wow you got a lot of presents! i love everyone of them ^^

  15. Great gifts! :) Glad you had a merry Christmas!

  16. I LOVE love love the dark red Chanel nailpolish! amazing presents too! xx

  17. You have some gorgeous pressies! I popped into Paperchase today and picked up those stationery items for my make up brushes and palettes :D Going to have to head back and get a couple more methinks :D xx

  18. hey love the blog!
    You have gotta get into applying foundation after doing eye make-up its insanely good!esp when doing a dark smokey or using loose shadows!! Do it you will never go back...just remember u will look like crap throughout the process but the when you apply the foundation your eyes just pop! check out my blog...http://www.pixielashes.com xxx


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