O.P.I Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Nail Lacquers

I got this set of miniature OPI nail polishes at Ulta when I was in Miami in November.  Considering I own gallons of nail polishes I've never any OPI before.   The set was only $12.50 but you can get them for £12.15 from ASOS if you live in the UK. Funny how they forget the whole exchange rate mechanism when it comes to things like this!

I remembered to post about it as I was supposed to see Burlesque with a friend but at the last minute we switched to Love & Other Drugs.

In total there are 12 shades in the Burlesque collection and you can get them in full sizes.

The colours are divine and Christmas in a bottle - tiny little bottles!  I wore Rising Star for Christmas and will be applying The Show Must Go On for NYE.

Take The Stage ~ Rising Star ~ The Show Must Go On ~  Ali's Big Break

Take The Stage ~ a warm orange spotlight shimmer

Rising Star ~ lustrous glimmering gold 
The Show Must Go On ~ deep pink shimmer
Ali's Big Break ~ glowing red shimmer

You can see how diddley they are next to my Maybelline lipstick... 

The Show Must Go On in the bottle is a pretty spot on dupe for MAC's Bad Fairy from the Venomous Villains collection...

On the nail however, there is some difference, but once you build up 3 -4 coats or if you use a deep red as an undercoat, they do look similar.

Below is one coat of each - not great for a high end product - you definitely would need time to work on getting the colour up!

Left: Bad Fairy, Right: The Show Must Go On
I did the old switcharoo, so TSMGN, Left and Bad Fairy, Right

Did you pick up anything from the Burlesque collection? Have you seen the film and would you recommend it? 


  1. I'm going to give the film a miss - from the looks of it, the makers aren't quite sure what Burlesque is - but I've been meaning to try out OPI for some time so I might get these at some point. I like the little bottles - I have too much polish I don't use!

  2. I love the movie!!!
    This collection is really beautiful!! I´ll check it out :)
    I own a blog, I started it in november, check it out, I hope you like it!

  3. Nope, but I am very curious. I did not mind the little cute bottles, I really like appetizers :-), but I was a lot less happy with the tiny brushes. They made it really hard to get a nice even coating.

  4. I haven't seen it -- musicals aren't really my thing. Well... some of them are. Namely, Nightmare Before Christmas and Sweeney Todd, BUT... I'm not a huge fan of OPI. Some of the glitters looked really pretty but I can't choke down the price :(

  5. i love the set. also got mine at ulta. i wish they put all 6 in the box though. also got those glitter ones in axxium gels. they're pretty cool. swatched on my blog. hope you have a great NYE. you'll rock with those polishes.

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