Instagram'd 002 (9 months later!)

Who would have guessed I jumped on the Instagram wagon a whole nine months ago?  I did one of those round up posts I think every blogger enjoys putting together, but it's dubious as to whether anyone is bothered to look at! With Marky Zee picking it up for a cool $1 Billion a few weeks ago it reminded me that I'd been letting this lovely app languish unloved on my iPhone.  Plus I finally worked out how to sync to my Twitter and Facebook Page.

I'm posting daily pics so make sure to follow me (clickandmakeup) for sneak peeks of events and products well before I get around to actually blogging about them.  

What do you think about these types of Instagram round-ups on blogs? I personally like them as you get to see a little into the lives of the people behind some great beauty blogs, and frankly, I'm just nosy!  I'll probably keep doing little Instagram round ups on here, but they won't be weekly as I'd rather get on with the business of reviewing products!

1. Sleek MakeUP GLO Face & Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer // 2. My iPhone background.  I love cats, inspirational words and gingers. Perfick. // 3. You can also find me hanging out on Pinterest these days  finding gems such as this. Come and say Hi! // 4. Mugshot. // 5. Possibly the most exciting collection to come from Nails Inc. yet - Neon and Nude contains not only beautiful colours, but some of them are named after ma 'hood!. // 6.  Apple Martinis at Jack's Lounge on a Friday.  Lots of 'em!. // 7. Batiste cupcakes. YUM. // 8. Divine dessert on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth. Diet be gone!

So...add me on Instagram name is 'clickandmakeup'
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  1. I like these posts as I love looking at photos, loving the look of that dessert too! xx

  2. Omg the "If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put a Cat on It" thing it's so cute and I'm not even a Beyonce fan ahah! Your hair looks stunning in the fourth photo, love it xxx

  3. oh wow, what a stunning photo of you. this should be your new profile piccie xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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