Do Something Pinteresting Today!

Lots of you lovely ladies have already said 'Hi' over on Pinterest, my current social media obsession.  I signed up way back when you had to be personally invited, but now it's a free for all for anyone to sign up.  I'm not a 'crafty' or scrap-booking kinda gal, I don't spend hours trawling or anything of that sort, but I have truly fallen head over heels for Pinterest and automatically go there when I open a browser rather than Facebook.  One of my favourite boards is my 'Wishlist' as it lets me pin things I am lemming from all over the web, rather than just creating a written list.  I've even printed it off and gone on a shopping spree - it's so much easier to show a shop assistant the exact pair of riding boots you're after rather than trying to ineloquently describe them.  

Pinterest is such a source of inspiration for everything from interior decorating, holiday planning, recipes, healthy living, fashion and beauty.  What's more, I find it the most beautifully positive (if somewhat creepingly commercial) social media site out there.  If you have a blog it's a must have as you can pin your beautiful photography and if people click on the images they automatically link back to your site - oh hai, trafficz!

Check out my Pinterest boards here: 


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    1. So glad you've got crack-a-lackin with Pinterest! Obsession!

  2. I love Pinterest too!!! I do my Pinning-spree everyday! It's craaaazy!! :) Anyway, here's mine: ;)

    1. Thanks my dear, I am off to follow you now!


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