Style | Ode To The Studded Heel Boot: Primark + Office

Left to my own devices I would dress like an early '90s Lesbian biker chick every day, however since I have a somewhat sensible job I have to limit my fashion tendencies to a few butch studs here and there and this season has served up a cornucopia of studded items, these pairs of boots being two of my top picks.  

Black faux suede boots with silver heel studs - Primark, £18
These boots also come in camel but I think if your feet are anything over a 5 they're just not flattering.  I take a 6 in these and they come up pretty large as I'm normally a 6.5.  They do feel a little clumpy and do not look great with a skirt (unless you've got super skinny legs and tiny feet) so I wear them with black skinny jeans.  I've walked miles in them and have very sensitive feet, so I am very impressed with the comfort level.  They're an utter bargain for £18 -  would you sit there and apply all those studs for £18? ...yeah I didn't think so! I'm just trying not to think of the sweatshop these were probably manufactured in and if you are as morally bankrupt as me, these boots are a great bargain option for a huge trend this season.  I've seen them on a stack of people, so if you don't mind lemming it, hotfoot it down to Primark pronto as these are dancing out the door sharpish.

Office Neptune Stud Cognac Boots - Link, £70
I'll say straight off that for PU (fake leather!) Office have quite a cheek to slap a £70 ticket on these, but they are pretty gorgeous and a less butch/in your face nod to studding than the Primark boots.  I missed out on the first batch of these which tailed off around early February, but due to popular demand Office ordered a huge new consignment and they're still in shops despite being out for months already.  The 6 is a little tight but loosens up after a few wears.  They also come in black with silver studs, but the Cognac version look more expensive and stylish methinks.  

They're great little boots - why not whack them on your list for Santa!


  1. I think the Primark ones are nicer! xx

  2. I also have the Primark ones and I adore them as well! Since I'm in Canada for the moment, I'm the only one to have them in my tiny village ;)

    1. You're lucky then - I've seen loads of people wearing them in London, particularly heavyish middle aged women...weird!

  3. gorgeous boots! love them!


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