Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea #2 - Oral-B Limited Design Edition PC 600 Electric Toothbrush

Much as I love receiving luxury gifts I'd never buy for myself, for my tiny little London flat sometimes a practical present is very much welcomed!  Electric toothbrushes are a must have if you want to have a gorgeous smile as they do a much more thorough job than good old manual brushes.  While I love sonic brushes, I find them a bit hard on tooth enamel, so tend to use them once a day, and a non-sonic brush twice a day.  

This pink Oral-B Limited Design Edition PC 600 Electric Toothbrush is a great option to give as a gift (to a girl of course!) as it looks a bit more 'gifty' than a plain old blue and white one and comes with a cute travel case.  

This brush is rechargeable, has a two minute timer to make sure you're not under or overbrushing your teeth - the pressure sensor also helps to avoid pressing too hard.  An oscillating head gives 3D cleaning action to remove plaque far more effectively than manual brushing and the precision head cups each tooth.  It also comes with a 2 year warranty, but I have Oral-B brushes (the mechanism, not the heads, which should be replaced every few months or when they begin to look at bit less like Ken Barlow and more like Ken Dodd, to paraphrase Rhod Gilbert!) which have lasted me well over a decade.  

Oral-B Limited Design Edition PC 600*
£49.99 - available from Boots


  1. haha the Rhod Gilbert quote. That was a funny one!! A COMPUTER IN A TOOTHBRUSH?

    1. Haha yeah everytime I seen an electric toothbrush I think of good old Rhod!

  2. would love to have one of these. good ol' Rhod Gilbert.


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