Benefit Georgia & Dandelion & A Dupe

Fellow blogger Phyrra asked whether I had a swatch of Benefit Georgia and since I've been asked about it a few other times I thought I might as well do a post on it and suggest a decent dupe for it.

Here's my ratty old box.  I've had it for three years (shock horror!).  I probably use it about 1-2 times per week on average, and every day when on holiday.

I finally hit pan on it recently and I am seriously considering repurchasing when it runs out, despite the eye watering £23.50 price tag.
Benefit says: "Our "just peachy" face powder leaves your complexion warm and vibrant. Georgia is a's peaches and cream!...Can be applied allover complexion or on the apples of cheeks."

Where people go wrong with this powder is by expecting it to work like a peach blusher, or be as pigmented as Coralista, Bella Bamba or even Thrrrob.  As Benefit says, it's a face powder.  Where they go wrong is by suggesting it can be used on the "apples of cheeks".

As you can see from my pitiful swatch below, it is extremely fine and not pigmented at all.  However, applied with a fluffy face brush, I find it makes a perceptible difference to my overall complexion.  
There's a glow, a sheen...a not very obvious difference, but a good one all the same.  For me it's the perfect finishing powder.  If you try to apply it with the little brush supplied in the box it will all go Pete Tong.  I normally apply it after foundation but before blush, but you can just dust it on as a final step to your make up routine.  Also, it smells lovely.

I've used flash in the photos below so I think it may have distorted the effect a bit.  I'm wearing only foundation with Georgia over the top.


With Benefit Georgia

The best highstreet dupe I've found for Georgia, and even more so, Dandelion, is No7's Highlights Illuminating Powder.  Unfortunately I've just discovered that they no longer seem to be selling it.  Boo!! I really hope it hasn't been discontinued ¬_¬.  It doesn't appear to be available online but you may still be able to find it in-store.  I picked the one below - 10 Dandy Pink - for £5 (full price £10) last year with one of those Boots No7 £5 off vouchers.

It's much more pigmented and shimmery that Georgia and Dandelion, so if you have pale skin you could probably get away with it as a blush as you'll see in the fourth photo down where it's heavily swatched.  However I just use it as a finishing powder.  It really lifts up my skin and gives it a glow.  If I remember correctly there were a few different shades of this powder.  I must start a petition to have it revived!

The No7 powder is like a more pigmented cheaper version of Dandelion (also £23.50).  Benefit says: "This classic ballerina pink finishing powder takes your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant...a celeb fave!".

You would have a bit more success using Dandelion as a blush, as I do find it a bit too pink to dust all over as I have a lot of pink undertones in my skin.  I probably wouldn't repurchase this one.

What are your favourite finishing powders?

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  1. ahhh so that's where i've been going wrong with georgia all these years?! haha eeeep thanks for writing this, you've certainly helped me out :) xo

  2. I have the bronze powder, I can't remember what it's called but it's pretty much a dupe for Hoola! I do have Hoola as well, but they are both good products. Only thing I don't like is how tatty the boxes get but you could say the same for the Benefit ones too!

  3. The No7 powder is discontinued. They have liquid illuminators in tubes now x

  4. @Karla - drats! I picked up the pinkish illuminating fluid around the same time as the powder - it reminds me of Benefit Highbeam. I'll seriously miss this powder when I use it up!

  5. and i thought georgia was a blush! lol! thank you so much for this post kat. =)

  6. I use No7's liquid illuminator and it's really good.
    Never even knew about these 2 (Benefit beauties).. ah well..
    I do use Hoola though (every now and again)


  7. Yay! Thanks for showing us how it look on you :)
    I've been using Aromaleigh's Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder in Peaches & Cream for a brightening of my complexion, as well as Hard Candy's Moon Glow Illuminating powder.

  8. @pHYRRA - you're welcome :) I must check out Aromaleigh, heard lots about them. I think that Moon Glow might be the same as Accessorize's Shimmering Sands highlighter which is also on my list!

  9. I have been thinking about getting Gorgia for a while but mainly to use as blush. Glad I read this before purchasing I do not think it would work as blush.

  10. Wow, thanks! Love the blog please check out my new blog

  11. i agree that georgia should be a face powder but not a blush! most people got it far as the price tag is concerned, 23.5 gbp is alright...considering you get 11g or 12g of product in the paper boxes! i'm sure NARS is much more $$ than this but they only have like 4.5 grams of powder...

  12. I wish I could wear georgia for that pretty peachy glow, but i'm too dk for it, it looks ashy on me BUT MAC's Peaches blush is pretty on tanned skin FYI
    Im tempted to try Bella Bamba 3D??
    Great blog!! love it

  13. I want to try the first one! I have the second one and love it :D

  14. I love how much use you have gotten out of these products. I have so much i never hit pan and it feels like such a ridiculous waste. Both products are amazing. I love benefits boxed blushes :)

  15. i have sugabomb and dallas, and find that dallas only works with a heavy based foundation..

    maybe give my blog a look?

  16. . I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors


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