E.L.F Haul & Swatches #2

I've been at it again...E.L.F. haulin' that is...

This lovely package arrive a couple of weeks ago but it took me ages to getting around to taking a few snaps and swatches.

First up, I have the warm bronzer and find that a little dark for me, so I went for the cool bronzer this time and plan to use it as a contouring powder as there are pink undertones.  It's a matte, pigmented, soft powder. It's £3.50 and I really rate the packaging for that price.  NARSesque without the rubbery feel and therefore easier to clean.

The Gotta Glow 'blush' was my main reason for the order.  It's touted in blogland as a dupe for NARS Albatross, a pretty pale golden toned highlighter.  I haven't tried the NARS one but am pretty happy with Gotta Glow, even if it is a little chalky.  I also picked up Pink Passion which I hoped would be a true dolly pink, but it actually looks neon!  Used lightly it can come off quite sheer and really brightens up my complexion.  Both are £3.50.

I took a risk and ordered this black eyeliner.  Last year I got a couple in Ash and Coffee colours and was completely let down as the 'nibs' were very dry and the liquid not pigmented.  I think ELF had revamped this product as the liquid flows easily, is decently opaque and the nib is much narrower than the earlier versions.  It lets me create a pretty nice cat's eye and is only £1.50.  I would definitely recommend this product.  However if it does dry up within a couple of weeks I'll let you know.

I already have the All Over Colour Stick in Pink Lemonade which I use as a lovely cream blush.  I've been looking for a cream highlighter and went for Spotlight (on the right below).  It's not as glowy as I hoped and slightly sticky, but it does give a nice effect.  Persimmon comes out a lot more orange than it looks online - not sure what I'll use this one for yet! Each are £1.50.

I'm a fan of ELF Mineral lipsticks, especially Barely Bitten, and was keen to try what their £1.50 offerings are like.  I chose 'Classy' purely on the name and it's turned out to be a nice bubblegum pink with blue undertones when applied.  It is quite drying, but I don't mind that too much as it means it lasts longer.


I have most of E.L.F.'s normal range and Studio line brushes, except for the new Bamboo ones but this.  I got through many eyelash/eyebrow combs as they get manky pretty fast, so I'll be getting this £1.50 ELF one from now on rather than MAC's which is about £7.  The Angled Contour Brush is from the Studio line and so is £3.50 and very soft.  Not sure what I'll do with it yet as it's a bit large for my area.  I might use it to apply powder highlighter to my browbone and top of my cheekbones, but it could also be used to draw a contouring line in the hollow of my cheeks and then I'll use a fluffy brush to blend out.

I'm already itching to place another ELF order and this is the state of my wishlist...are there any products you've tried and love/hate or any I MUST include?!  Please comment and let me know!  Thanks :)

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  1. i love elf products! shame that the bronzer is too dark for you though :\ the warm bronzer is pretty shimmery but looks fab in the summer!
    i also swear by my blush and contouring duo!

    i posted a review a while back about elf's stipple brush, check it out :)


  2. I really love the Hypershine glosses. They're more like a liquid lipstick but some of the shimmery colors are just gorgeous. They last ages on me too.
    The Candid Coral blush is amazing too if you don't already have that.
    I would recommend against the Butter Pecan eyeshadow cream... I didn't like the cream eyeshadows much and that one looks like it's in the less pigmented range. Coffee & Cream is good I've heard though!
    OH, you need the eyeshadow quad in Day2Night!

  3. I love elf:)
    Check out my extreme makeover:)


  4. i love the glow blush!!!

    don't know if you already have elf cream eyeshadow, but unless you plan to use them as "not so good" base for powders they are not so good...
    maybe over a supergood primer!

  5. Those products look so nice!!
    I never placed an order from ELF but I'm really curious about their stuff...your opinion helped me to figure out about All Over Colour Sticks, which I really like! :D

  6. Pretty lippie! I love pink lips :)



  7. Oh, nice haul! Don't think I've ever commented before, but I love your blog. I placed my first e.l.f order a few months ago and have made 2 bigger ones since! I think some of their stuff is amazing. Looking at your wish-list, I wouldn't recommend the cream shadows. I bought the mocha swirl one in my first order (it looked so pretty), but I was disappointed. It felt very sticky on my lids, and creased and just didn't stay on very well! I think you can get the colours (which are lovely) in powder form?
    I love the complexion brush for applying Benefit Hoola for my day-to-day face. It can definitely be very dark, but I've heard that because the brushes are synthetic the don't pick up as much powder? I'm not sure if that's true, but it's fluffy and soft and I get a nice, natural glow with it, which can be hard to achieve with Hoola!
    I'm also using their mineral foundation until I can afford my Bare Escentuals again. It applies evenly and gives good coverage, but I don't think it lasts as long on the face as the more expensive one. Still, definitely worth a look in! The mineral lipsticks, as you already know, are great! And I've got one of the lipglosses, which I really like too. I also got the studio mist & set for free in their recent offer, and so far I like it! Not 100% sure if my make-up stays on for much longer, but it feels refreshing!
    Sorry, I have an inability to write short comments :( But that's my 5-minute thoughts on e.l.f,hope they help!

  8. HIya!
    Thank you so much for your recommendations! I think I'll give the cream e/s a miss now, or maybe just get one to quell my curiosity! I love long comments and really appreciate you taking the time to leave them for me! I'm updating my wishlist :)
    KAT XX

  9. i love elf, i think for the price the products are really great. I've bought quite a few things from them so have a look on my blog if you want to know my thoughts!

  10. Hmm, I bought the All Over Color Stick in Persimmon too. But its doesn't look quite has dark or orangy as the Stick on the left of your photo up there. Strange, mine looks more like the Stick on the right.

    I got one of the cheaper lipsticks, in Posh, the colour is nice, but as you say the drying effect gets me, I'm not too keen on it. I tend to swipe it over a lot of lipbalm. :)

  11. Oo I should add, I have the eye crease brush thats in your wishlist. Its very nice, I'd recommend it.

  12. that pink blush is incredible!!!! i so need to make an elf haul, pretty things abound :D


  13. I'm so glad I saw this post! I was just about to order Albatross! I placed an Elf order already today but I'm tempted to place another, and pick up a few lipsticks while I'm at it.

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  14. @BeBopAJulia - how odd about the colour difference - I like the sound of yours better! I already have 2 of the eye crease brushes as I love them so much - but both are quite different shapes. I guess inconsistency is something we have to put up with for the price!

    @Angel - Oh definitely try Gotta Glow first then! You should wait for ELF to post a free shipping code on their FB page before you order!

    Kat xx

  15. amazing haul!!


  16. I agree with Cydonian, the Day2Night quad is awesome - it has TAUPE. For £1.50. TAUPE. I also have the stippling brush - compared to the MAX 187, obviously it's not as soft as its Taklon, but I love it for liquid. It's really good.

  17. Hi Robyn, I just googled the day2night quad and omg it looks amazeballs! The website doesn't do it justice at all! I'm definitely getting that, and a hypershine lipgloss in Vixen. I keep thinking the stippling brush is £5, but that's the bamboo ones. I'm deffo getting it when they restock it - if ever!

  18. Hello from a new follower :) I love ELF too, its got really good lately with adding new products,the quality is also really improved from when I used to buy their teeeeny nail varnishes years ago!

  19. I think the eyebrow palettes (including a wax and a powder) are amazing. I don't use the powder that often, but that is just because I don't really need to fill in my brows - just define the shape, but I've tried the powder and it works just as wonderfully as the wax. JUST GO BUY IT!

  20. cute post!
    love your style

  21. This all looks so so nice!


  22. nice posts ! those sticks look really nice.. i've been looking for a nice highlighting product, maybe i should try one of those :) xo


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