Review: ORIGINS VitaZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser with Mangosteen

Have you seen Tiffany D's skin? It's amazing.  She mentioned this new Origins moisturiser in one of her YT vids (check out MakeUpByTiffanyD) saying that although it doesn't tout itself as a tinted moisturiser, it certainly evens out skintone and it looked like it really worked!

I finally gave into the £25 cost (for 50mls) in Boots last weekend as I seem to have become a hormonal teenager again and cannot get up in the morning for love or money, so my makeup routine has gone out the window.  I've had enough of my pale, blotchy, haggard appearance scaring old ladies and small children and hoped this two in one jobby would be the answer.

I tried it on in store over my makeup (duh!) and it looked much lighter than I expected it to be, but just to be sure I asked the lovely sales lady to help me get my slap off to try it fresh.  It still looked pretty good, and my boyfriend had long since walked off in boredom so I quickly paid up.

I expected miracles from this moisturiser, if not exactly a complexion like Tiffany's.  I've used it every day this past week and while it's hella better than facing the world barefaced, I honestly can't say it's any better than my longstanding favourite Clinique City Block Sheer (SPF25) which is only £15.32 for 40ml or even Olay Complete Care Touch of Foundation (SPF 15) which is even cheaper at £10.20 for 50ml.

VitaZing has a slightly bitter smell which I could do without.  The only knowledge I have of Mangosteen is that it is a fab little Thai restaurant off Carnaby Street, but I don't know what the fruit is meant to do for skin - energise perhaps?  It's free from parabens, mineral oil and other various nasties.

It smooths on nicely, but to be honest, it's as quick to blend in my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.  It's probably just me but a couple of mornings my face felt slightly itchy after applying it, and I seem to have sprouted two smallish spots, even though I'm not spot-prone.  That said, my monthly friend is around the corner and I have been eating a diet of pure saturated fat for the past two weeks, so that may account for the itching and spots...

It comes out of the tube as a white splodge with greyish flecks.

These flecks 'burst' to reveal a tint when rubbed in.

As the cream dries/sinks into your skin, it takes on a slightly orange hue.  I have very pale skin (NC15 is too dark for me), but if you're about NW20-25 it should work well on you.

It offers very light coverage which can be bumped up with a pressed powder.  I don't completely regret buying it as I have used it every morning and will continue to, but at £25 I won't repurchase.  It's re-awakened my love of tinted moisturisers and gives you a nice natural fresh faced look for work.

I'm not doing a January favourites post because there really haven't been any products - or new ones at least - that have stood out.  January has been a succession of product disappointments...this one, Backcomb in a Bottle and Sleek Molten Metals (round up to come of those).


  1. haha us blog readers will fall for anything! but seriously, your skin is lovely!! really delicious, so it's all worked out well in the end :)

  2. I know, I feel like a bit of a mug, but cheers for the compliment on my's feeling better now :)

  3. I've been using this moisturizer for a couple of months and I'm in love with it! Not for everyone, I realize, but it's definitely something I'll be repurchasing.

  4. great review. i recently bought this product after everyone raved about it. but i find even with a light coverage you can quickly see lines on your face where you have applied it :S xx

  5. It gives you a nice glow.. I think it would look nice for you in the summer when a full on liquid foundation is too much x

  6. @Starsglittermagic - yeah I noticed streakiness too and you have to be careful around your hairline

    @Angel - it is light, but slightly greasy too so not sure I'd like it that much in the heat

    Kat xx

  7. I really like this! I've been wearing it to work when I feel like I don't need much coverage; I use an MSF Natural over the top and my skin feels lovely. The smell has really grown on me too!

  8. Oooh that looks lovely!
    And can I just say, I love your freckles!
    Have a great one! x


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