First Impressions: Sleek MakeUP The Primer Palette

I'm a huge Sleek fan and hardly ever skip any new product launches, and this eye primer palette really caught my eye as priming lids isn't just a gimmick and when I use the right product, I can seriously prolong the wear of eyeshadow on my oily lids (gak!).  Nothing looks worse than creased eye make up.

The palette was £6.99 from Superdrug and comes in the standard black plastic palette with a mirror in the lid.

Now ever since the Bad/Good Girl palettes Sleek have monikered their eyeshadows but I think something went awry with this insert as the green certainly isn't 'peach', or the peach shade 'noir'.  No biggie.  They just need to get these plastic inserts reprinted and replaced.  The double sided brush is pretty useless with the product, but works okay with powders, so I'm going to keep it in my 'work' make up kit in my desk.

Pretty pretty iridescent colours.

The Good: the palette offers a great range of neutral and bright shades, the consistency is creamy and they are nicely pigmented.  I prefer to apply them with my finger as it goes a bit streaky if you use a synthetic fibre brush.  I've tried using the white and two neutral shades as cream cheek highlighters and they're not bad.

Now, The Bad: it creased on me.  Very swiftly.  I chose the bright green hoping that would show up well enough in my little experiment.  In the photo below I'm wearing nothing but the green primer on my left and with Urban Decay's Misdemeanor on the right.  I noticed it had creased after half an hour, but it could have been sooner.  I also found it difficult to blend Misdemeanor over the top of it, so that's why it looks like it's been applied by a toddler!  Can't say it did anything to intensify the colour either.  What I don't want to have to do with these is apply UDPP under to make them work like I did for the Molten Metals, but I hate letting a product go to waste, so I may just do that.  Or I may just host a blog sale :)

I'm surprised I haven't seen more of this palette on other blogs, and where I have, there haven't been swatches or anything on durability.  Now I haven't played too much with the other primers in this palette, but I wouldn't rush out and buy this.  Instead it might be better to wait and see if Sleek reformulates the next batch into something with more staying power. In the meantime, I can highly recommend their Storm palette - truly beautiful and versatile - I always take it on holiday; the test of true love.  Any of these beautiful shadows works wonderfully over the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion; the best eye primer I've tried. 

Have you got this palette? What do you think? Any tips for how I could use it better?


  1. I passed on this one. I use cream shadows to intensify mattes and I always use them over UDPP, so I didn't feel I needed it even though Pink Frost is gorgeous!

    Also... wth is up with the names?! They look all screwed up to me.

  2. I was excited when I first heard aobut this but I've seen really mixed results - I think I'll wait and see they reformulate - gorgeous review!! x

  3. Gorgeous colours- but I have quite oily eyelids and not sure they would stay put!
    Also; you should try endorsing products, e.g Eyeko have this ambassador scheme; you should have a look!!!
    Love the blog xx


  4. I agree, I've passed on this too! I'd rather save the money and get UDPP because everyone raves about it!

  5. I find this works really well on me - maybe cos my eyelids are quite dry so generally eyeshadow has good staying power, and this just amplifies the colour I find. I guess it's just one of those products that varies depending on the person - but it's a shame it hasn't worked well for you xoxox

  6. @Robyn - yeah you haven't missed anything! They've definitely got the names insert mixed up - I think what you see as 'pink frost' should be 'ultraviolet'.

    @Sophia - Yeah I know about th Eyeko scheme but I've never used their products (although the packaging is so cute!) and I heard there were some issues with ambassador renumeration a while ago...

    @chloelebreton1 - I so wanted these to work well as I'm really into cream formulations at the moment for everything. I hope I can find some use for them!

  7. Told ya so! *sticks out tongue* x

  8. I am so bummed about these mixed review, because it just sounded ultimately awesome... Darn. So I am holding of on it for now, although I fear that in the end I might get it anyway, because the colors are pretty as a cream shadow and my lids are not very oily. Unfortunately I can only get Sleek online so I can't try it out pre-purchase, so I am really appreciative of all the blog reviews and swatches! Thanks :-)

  9. I've heard really mixed reviews about this, and although I'd like to have it in my collection, I'm not sure i'd ever really use it. I have ELF eyelid primer and that is amazing, so i don't really require anything else. lovely review though. xo.

  10. sleek don't do creaseless! Surprisingly, I've completely missed sleek- I don't own ANY of the pallettes haha xxx

  11. the colors are gorgeous! too bad they crease on you. :(

  12. Thanks for this post! I've been wondering about the durability and probably won't get it now. I read some similar problems with the Molten Metal duo, so guess Sleek haven't perfected the cream formula thing yet...

    I do love Sleek and their awesome colour selection, but sometimes wish they can do a muted palette with the same great pigmentation too, purely because how often will you wear a bright red, green, blue or yellow eye shadow?

    Cassie x

  13. I'm unsure as to whether or not this is sold in Canada, but it seems rather silly that this would need a primer, when, uh, hello? Look at what it's called. The colours look pretty great though.

    Have a great one! x

  14. Hey hunni,
    This is the second review I have read saying that the primers crease,I had already purchased it,so last night thought Id give it a go just in case...I applied them with my ring finger and all seemed well then after shadow application i thought i might be the exception as it was still lovely!
    However after a few hours I checked back in and had pretty much one of the worst crease lines ive ever had!
    I was going to do a review,but I think that there is enough out there to warn people that this doesnt work...shame though!!
    Roll on a reformulation!! :)))
    Love Nat xxx

  15. I've always wanter to try one of these sleek palettes. =)

  16. That's too bad :( The colours look really great. I hate it when products don't work the way they are supposed to.

  17. I have quite oily eyelids, however, it worked perfectly for me. My trick is applying the eyeshadow using a brush with "tapping" movements instead of the usual way of applying. (I have used it with Sleek Bad Girl and Oh So Special eyeshadows so far, and both were perfect combinations.)


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