MAC Wonder Woman Collection: Marquise D' Repromote

I had absolutely no plans whatsoever to fork out on the Wonder Woman collection, but when I saw that MAC was repromoting Marquise D' Lustre lipstick from the 'Blonde Brunette Redhead' collection a couple of years back I knew that I would be adding some primary colours to my make up collection!

Selfridges released the collection in store and online on 17th February so I took a stroll along Oxford Street on my lunch break last week and came back £15 lighter.

I'm a bit too young (for once!) to have any interest in Wonder Woman, and while the garish packaging makes me embarrassed to retouch my lippy in public, I have to say it's one of the prettiest, most wearable in my collection now.  If you're a ginge, definitely give it a go.

Marquise D' is described by MAC as a 'sandy cream peach' although it does look quite pink when photographed.

I almost caved and got Emancipation Lipglass which looked similar to Marquise D' but when swatched it wasn't nearly opaque enough, the tube was ginormous and the product almost splats out of it when you pull out the wand.

Comparing Marquise D' to a couple of my other favourite pinky nude MAC lippies, it looks quite similar to Viva Glam V, if not so much Delish.  I forgot about Creme Cup, which it also bears a resemblance to in the tube.

Below L-R: Delish, Viva Glam V, Marquise 'D

Marquise D' on me...

I've seen some really pretty swatches of Amazon Princess duo blush from the WW collection and am thinking it over.  Have you/do you plan to pick up anything from this collection?


  1. Nicee `;)
    izzy x

  2. I'm planning to get the Pink Power MSF once it hits my local Mac counter, but we'll see how the swatches go!

    I thought the Wonderwoman collection had super sized everything...? The Maquise lipstick looked regular in size.

    Cassie x

  3. @Cassie - yes most, if not all the other products in the collection are supersized, but the lippy isn't...disappointing!

  4. Ooh I still can't wait to get something from this collection! xx

  5. Love the color! think I will be purchasing now :)

  6. WOW! I really need to get down to Selfridges soon, I've been excited about this collection for ages, so nice to see a post on it.

    I've just started a new fashion blog -

    I'd love it if you could follow back :)


  7. love the lipstick its so girly i love it!
    Come check me out
    And subscribe:)

  8. The color is absolutely stunning!


  9. Pretty! I agree about the packaging though... lol. That's why I prefer the permanent line!

  10. I CP'ed Russian Red from the States because I didn't have it yet and I like the cheesy packaging! I'm glad the lipsticks aren't bigger though - they look a bit.... vibrator-y as it is!

  11. Wow such a beautiful color.


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