NARS Summer 2011 Limited Edition Blush Bronzer Trio Ft.Orgasm, Albatross + Laguna

Oops I did it again...

I'm on a bit of a NARS frenzy at the moment and after having missed out on last summer's LE 'So Famous' set which I still regret to this day I was determined to get my hands on this fantastic trio of some of NARS' most iconic names - Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzer and Albatross highlighter.

My SpaceNK sold out pretty sharpish, so I dashed to John Lewis and although it was a less glamorous consumer experience, I got the coveted palette, for all of £39.  

A few people have already mentioned that the packaging isn't ideal as the zipper is fiddly and the material stains.  I would have preferred just the traditional NARS packaging.

I compared the Laguna in this trio to the one on the NARS counter at SpaceNK and I kid you not - they were completely different! The one in the trio is much darker and sparklier - much more like Casino.  The sales girl agreed so it's not just my dodgy eyes!  I'm not sure if they intended to have such a colour difference, but for such a high end brand I would have expected a better degree of colour consistency.  Just something to bear in mind if you are very pale and thinking about getting this palette.


Albatross was the only product I'm new to - it comes up extremely golden on my skin, so the white powder if quite deceiving.  It's lovely for a summer glow.


Swatched in daylight:
With flash:

I've whacked on loads so you get to see the effect...

I'm delighted with it and have used it every day since I picked it up.  It's definitely coming on hols with me this summer!

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  1. yummm- I agree - even Ive regrets not buying certain LE stuff :(
    but grt buy dear
    I liked your style- great blog- keep it going gal!!!
    following check out mine too

  2. very cute palette & packaging! :o)
    i have the super orgasm blush & it's one of my all-time faves.
    this kit looks so cute that i just might have to get myself one. it looks so gorgeous on you!!

    xx Leslie

  3. I want this! I'm going to check it out the next time I'm at Sephora : )

  4. This looks beautiful in the palette and swatches. But is far out of my student budget, so thank you for saying think twice about buying if your really pale (I resemble a ghost!)

  5. I love this so much!! I actually really like the zipped packaging! x

  6. I'm yet to be convinced by NARS but I like how they've got all these wearable shades in one compact that's so portable. I know NARS fans will love this!

  7. This combo looks simply stunning on your cheeks.I like NARS trios but I really do wish they would stop putting Orgasm and Laguna in all of them. But then again, I'm probably complaining because I already have these shades :)

  8. Hello et bien je trouve ca trop beau la classe!

  9. I've contemplated getting this but I don't really want Laguna so I'm going to give it a miss. It ooks gorgeous on you though!

  10. Wooooooow! I think I may have to pick this up, as I was planning on buying Orgasm on its own (finally) and I was interested in Albatross as well. Thanks!

  11. nice haul!!! i envy you!!!

  12. Oh I need this for my collection, such a pretty case to.


  13. Thus looks amazing...the colours look like they'd suit any skin tone...I may have to invest :P You look gorgeous! Xx

  14. I also bought this palette and I've used it over all of my other cheek products, I'm loving it and was pleasantly surprised by the Albatross highlighting powder x


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