Ooh La La! What a Sexy Little Thing!

I've never failed to pass by the Victoria's Secret concession at Gatwick airport without picking up a little something....

I was on my way to the South of France, so I of course had to pick a name-appropriate perfume!  I'm already a huge fan of Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir but I'd resisted the original concoction for years as it smells, in the words of Mean Girls, a bit 'baby prostitute'!  It's incredibly sweet and girly and is definitely more suited to someone in their teens, but I couldn't resist.

 I adore the pretty packaging and I love the old-fashioned atomiser bottle.  Notes include mandarin orange, cherry blossom and vanilla. I spritz it on when I'm just knocking about the house and it makes me happy :)

My other favourite VS scent is Pink Wish which I'll review soon. 

Ooh La La is £26 for 50mls.  It doesn't feature on the Victoria's Secret website anymore which leads me to believe they may have discontinued it and just be using up the left over stock over here.  If you're keen on sickly sweet scents give it a sniff next time you're going through an airport (VS is at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted as far as I know).

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  1. I have the body spray version of this... its got shimmer in it too!
    Smells lovely =]

  2. I used to wear this, its a shame its discontinued! You should try the Sexy Little Things noir version, its quite similar to Ooh La La but not as sickly. Be careful though, the bottles of Ooh La La are known for leaking-lots of my last bottle evaporated through the pink pump, and my last quarter of it went odd coloured and yucky smelling!
    Sarah x

  3. I really want to try Sexy Little Things Noir, but I can only find it online, and I hate buying 'blind' :(
    The bottle and box on this is gorgeous!

  4. I love atomizers! It's a shame there aren't more of them about, they're so pretty.

  5. @Sparkle&Grey - I do have SLT Noir - I'm even more obsessed with it...I have about 3 bottles. Thanks for the head up about Ooh la la leakage...I shan't be traveling with it!

    @youlittlebeauty - I know what you mean - the one perfume I bought 'blind' turned out to be awful!

    @Robyn - exactly! if it ain't broke don't fix it - I don't know why brands moved away from them as they spritz the scent much better...but maybe their more expensive to manufacture...

    Kat xx

  6. so cute! I love victoria secret packaging!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Sadly, I'm only going to an airport in a couple of months when I go on holiday :(

    Good buy for you, hun!


  8. Victoria's Secret discontinue their scents left and right, I think this was from summer 2010? Not sure. I'm surprised you even get it there! Atomizers ARE really cute, but you may have to remove it and use the perfume from the bottle at some point... VS has shite atomizers and they break before you're even half way into the bottle :(

  9. How cute is the packaging!! Very vintage looking bottle, just right for your trip to France. I`m a huge fan of VS pink too. If you like perfumes do visit my blog, I just started yesterday so I`m a newbie:) I have a BIG addiction to perfumes I need help lol!I followed.Have a great day/


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