Beauty Blogger Inquisition: Make Me UP

The Blogger: Kia

The Blog: Make Me UP

What inspired you to create Make me UP?
I think like most bloggers, I loved reading blogs before I decided to create my own. I used to add blogs to my favourites and check them occasionally before joining blogger.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I love having the freedom to write about whatever you want. I also love getting feedback from my blog, it makes my day!

Which of your posts did you most enjoy putting together? (include a link!)
I always love writing and illustrating my monthly favourites -
Another one would be my post on concealing dark circles; I've always had a problem with them & I've tried lots of different products that claim to hide them. So I really wanted to share my experiences with other people.

What are your three Holy Grail beauty products?
Keihls creme de corps - best body moisteriser ever! Leaves a subtle sheen & absorbs easily.
Vaseline - must have beauty item. I use it on lips, eyelashes, dry skin...the list is endless.
Burt's Bees Orange & Mango Sugar Scrub - I've only had this a week & I'm already in love!

What’s your #1 make up tip?
Don't just think you have to use eyeshadow on eyes or lipstick on lips. Make up can have more then one use -using lipstick dab a pyramid of spots onto your cheek and blend in too create a makeshift blusher!
Which celebrity’s make up do you admire most?
Love Kim Kardashion's trade mark smokey eye.

What is your favourite makeup brand? What’s their stand-out product in your opinion?
That is such a difficult question! I love a variety of brands; from MUA to Esste Lauder.

Which ‘hyped’ beauty product has let you down the most?
Eyeko's concealer, completely put me off the brand forever!

Tell us about your most embarrassing make up/beauty/fashion disaster?
My fashion disaster would have to be clogs. They were pink and had yellow flowers on them, I'm so ashamed!

Top 3 beauty products on your wish list?
If I win the lottery this weekend I'll be getting
Tom Ford's Eye Quad
YSL Rouge Volupté Perle
12 month subscription of Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser

Tell us three of your favourite beauty blogs/YouTube channels? London Make-up artist, I'm really interested in the beauty industry so I love blogs like this. Shirley's beautiful photographs always look so nice & professional on her blog. Fashion & Beauty blogger Jaymie does the best illustrations!

Thanks for undergoing my Beauty Blogger Inquisition Kia!  If you would like to feature one week, drop me a line on Twitter (@clickandmakeup) or email. 


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