Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks - 90s Rewind with Angel Pink and Burnt Caramel

Frosty baby pink and a brownish nude...ahh, the lippy colours of my early teens! I've moved away from these types of shades nowadays, but it was still fun to dabble with some nostalgic lippies!

Angel Pink is actually very pretty and the frosty finish makes lips look a lot bigger.  I'll be saving this lippy for when I want to work a 1960s look with a thick flick of black eyeliner.

For me, Burnt Caramel is very 1990s nude minimalist, but I've seen this shade having a bit of a revival with all the 'matchy matchy' looks doing the rounds for Autumn/Winter.  It makes me look a bit washed out, but as long as I do a strong, yet neutral toned eye and defined cheeks, it's a good understated work-friendly choice.

So which of the seven Max Factor Colour Elixir lippies I've tried has been your fave? Have you tried any yet? The range comprises 15 shades in total, so there is something for everyone.  If you think you're 'not a lipstick person' I strongly encourage you to give one or two of these a try as the formulation is truly different from any I've tried before (and I'm a huge lipstick fan).  You get a glorious hatrick of intense colour, durability and serious moisture.  They are ideal lipsticks to carry in your purse as you don't need a lipbalm and gloss for under and over.

Superdrug currently has them on offer for £5.99, down from £7.99.  I'll be looking out for Dusky Rose and Rose Wood.

Of the seven I've tried here they are in order of my preference, starting with the best:
Bewitching Coral
Pink Brandy
Ruby Tuesday
English Rose
Angel Pink
Burnt Caramel

Check out the whole range I tried with swatches side by side here (link)


  1. They all look so different on you than they do on me! <3

    Angel x

  2. I love angel pink!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. @Angel - I know! I do have quite reddish pink lips x

    @sortingoutmymess - Angel Pink is the lippy of my teenage dreams! It really brings me back!

  4. Actually every time I apply burnt caramel I use foundation on my lips first as my lips are really plummy coloured and the true lippy colour never shows correctly unless it's a red. I guess our complexions make them look different too. BC looks like a nude on me but it's quite dark on you. <3

  5. This is burnt caramel on me.. I really like it: click for vid xx

  6. I like burnt caramel, i could mix it with gloss, it looks fantastic on the photo.

  7. Love the x on it. They have the nicest signature

  8. Nice lipsticks! I like the pink one best on you :)

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