Beauty Blogger Inquisition: Lauren from Lovelaughlauren

The Blogger: Lauren

The  Blog: Lovelaughlauren

What inspired you to create lovelaughlauren? 
I will be honest, I discovered Zoe's Blog and I thought everything about it was beautiful, and I wanted to create my own blog! I started following lots of lovely blogs before I actually began Lovelaughlauren. 

What do you enjoy most about blogging? 
I enjoy the satisfaction of getting lovely comments, and re-reading my posts and just feeling proud of it. 

Which of your posts did you most enjoy putting together? (include a link!) 
I enjoyed my 'What I'm wearing' post, I'll definitely have to do another one sometime soon. 

What are your three Holy Grail beauty products? 
This is such a hard question! I haven't found my 'Holy Grail' foundation yet, but whichever one I use, I always finish with a loose mineral foundation on the top (currently Maybelline's Pure Foundation Mineral powder). It makes my skin look so much more flawless. I couldn't live without any form of Mascara, and I haven't found one better than L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes. Finally, my all-time favourite lippe is ELF's Nicely Nude. Not nude, but a gorgeous wearable pink. 

What’s your #1 make up tip? 
Less is more! 

Which celebrity’s make up do you admire most? 
I'm not very good at thinking outside the box, so I'll have to say Lauren Conrad. I just want to be her. 

What is your favourite makeup brand? What’s their stand-out product in your opinion? 
I adore 17 by Boots for colour products, particularly the lippies and eyeshadows. As for higher end stuff, I adore Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows/liners and their lipgloss in Fresh Squeezed- it goes with everything. 

Which ‘hyped’ beauty product has let you down the most? 
MAC eyeshadows. All of the ones I own lack pigment and 'wow' factor. 

Tell us about your most embarrassing make up/beauty/fashion disaster?
God I just used to wear really dark foundation. I'm super pale. 

Top 3 beauty products on your wish list? 
MUFE Face & Body Foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation... do I really need 3 foundations?! 

Tell us three of your favourite beauty blogs/YouTube channels? 
Anna's blog and YouTube ) are amazing... as are Julies' blog and channel. You alo can't beat Fee at Makeup Savvy, her posts are so well put together and her pictures are beautiful.

Thanks for undertaking the Beauty Blogger Inquisition this week Lauren!  If you'd like to feature, drop me a line!

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  1. I hadn't seen Lauren's site before so I am so glad she featured in the Inquisition! Now I have a lovely new blog to read! Thank you! xx


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