Sleek MakeUP PPQ Me, Myself & I Palette & Primal Green Eyes

Having blue eyes, I struggle to wear green eyeshadow, but I was immediately drawn to Primal Green and Golden Silvers in this new Sleek MakeUP eyeshadow palette collaboration with striking fashion label PPQ.  

The twelve shadows offer a nice transition from summer brights to bolder Autumnal colours, but if you're a neutral lover like me, there might not be too much for you to get on with here.  I'm looking at Simply Red!
There are six shimmery and six matte, although Salt 'n' Peppermint has a few flecks of glitter through it.

My top picks from it are Fade to Grey, Golden Silvers, Lilac Allen and Primal Green.  Barry White is also a pretty inner corner highlight.  Blue Monday makes a lovely dark green smokey eye.  The pigmentation with the matte shades isn't great.

Easy peasy pale shimmery green eye look here - Golden Silvers all over the lid, Primal Green in the crease and Blue Monday along the bottom lashes.  The paleness makes the green easy to wear and really brought out my eyes.

Me, Myself & Eye is available from 16th September online and for a limited time only.

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  1. Your eyes are gorgeous with this beautiful makeup look! Nice post :)

  2. Primal Green is absolutely gorgeous. I've seen swatches of it all over the blog..osphere, and I fall in love with it every. single. time. I see it.


    And also... you always say you don't like greens on you and I always LOVE them!

  4. Love the look!
    The colours are gorgeous!!

  5. Love these colours on your eyes- might almost convince me to drag myself away from my beloved URban Decay to give Sleek a chance!
    Kirsten x

  6. PERFECT! Everything about this look compliments your features.

  7. just the perfect colour set on your eyes. itching to play with this palette!!


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