New Shoes & New Lust

I went on a shoe spree in August, and now I'm all set for Autumn and Winter, except for a nice new pair of flat, comfy Winter bots.

I've been hunting down these Aldo nude Lomacks (£60) for THREE weeks.  As far as I know they're mostly sold out, so no link for you, so the lovely Jess at the Oxford St. branch ordered these in from another store for me.  I love them and call them my 'K-Middys'.

These New Look platform nudes featured in my first Instagram'd post but I can't find them on their website now, but I've seen them in store.  I haven't worn them yet as they SO high and make me feel a little like a tranny, but I can't bear to bring them back.  They were £19.99.

Boring work shoes coming up, but today I collected the next two pairs of shoes from M&S - I already own these both but have wrecked the heels, so they needed replacing.  I can't believe what bargains they are, and it's so rare for me to find comfortable work shoes I had to stock up.  The kitten heels are £15 and the higher ones are £19.50, both by Limited Collection.

Never thought I'd be buying shoes boots, but here I am! And they're fantastic - so there!  £30 from BHS - again, can't find them online but they're definitely in store.

As if all those weren't enough, when I was looking for a link to my New Look platforms, I spotted these beauties! Le sigh! They're £24.99 and you can get them online here.

What shoes are you lusting after?

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  1. I have the last pair!! I don;t find them very comfy though?!

    Sarah xx

  2. Oh they're ones I want to get...I'm actually hoping they'll be uncomfortable so I don't get them! Too many shoes! x

  3. Never too many shoes!! Ha ha ha ha!



  4. I like the nude pumps. It's perfect for fall!Girl, you went shoe crazy, huh? It's okay. It happens to all of us. I'm currently lusting after ankle boots with heels. :D

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  5. I like the last fair. I always wear high heels though I love most wearing stilettos.

  6. I almost bought the last pair but when I tried them on try weren't very comfy so I went for a pair of new looks nude patent stilettos and they are lovely! Love the Aldo pair as well!

    Lauren x

  7. I love that last pair. All my heels are black and I've been trying to find a nice cream or nude coloured pair so I may have to go and try those on.
    I'm a bit sad that everybody is saying that they're uncomfortable though :( haha.

    Frances x

  8. i'd love the boots! :) and the nude pumps!

  9. Love the first pair of nude heels. Really gorgeous. As for my cravings, I'm looking forward to get a new pair of ankle boots for fall :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  10. Oh my! I just love that boots! So sleek. Want to have one like that.


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