August Loves

Bit of a mix for you this month - not all beauty and make up items - and I haven't done a favourites post in a long while, but this is what I've adored during August!

RayBans...resisted them for a long time...decided I had to have a pair... conceded that I look ridiculous in the original Wayfarer style...especially the I plumped for the New Wayfarers in brown tortoiseshell.  Love them.  They make me want to smoke and wear red lipstick.

Longchamp Tree of Life - in typical fashion, I only decided I needed this limited edition bag started selling out...cue mad dash and phone round the whole of Greater London...but I got my spoils so it's all good!

ZARA Dress - My work buddies got me the best set of birthday presents which included this dress I have lived in for most of August.  Nights out, lazy Saturdays, work, blogger events, you name it, I've worn this dress to it!

ZARA Trench Coat - I bought at least 12 trench coats during August in the quest to find the ultimate one.  I've done a lot of returning and ended up with this Zara trench which is just the right length.  It's a bit tight on my boobs, but I'm hoping they'll go down when I get back into my gym routine.  I have to say, I think the coat looks better on me than on the boyish model - curves really set it off ya'know?

FitFlops - yes, I know they're not pretty at all on your feet, but when you're walking around European cities for 10 days, your feet will thank you.  And anyway, have you SEEN what other tourists are wearing?! I KNOW!

Here's where I cheat and recycle some photos which appeared on my blog over July and August, but it's dark now so I can't retake them and I want to get this post up!

Batiste XXL Volume - I cannot spread the good word about this new version of the dry shampoo fast enough.  Hand on heart, it's made the biggest difference to my hair of any hair product I ever used in my life. EVER.  

Au Naturel i Divine - have reached for this every day since I got it two weeks ago.  See that champagne in the top right hand corner.  It's beautiful.  That with a bit of the brownish red shadow on the bottom left and I'm good to go.

MAC Barcelona Red - favourite new red lippy.  See more about it HERE!

TopShop Head Over Heels - I haven't left this blush alone for even one day.  Get it now! Need to see more? Check it out HERE.

NARS Summer 2011 Limited Edition Blush Bronzer Trio - run people! Run to your nearest NARS stockist for this limited edition palette featuring NARS' holy trinity: Laguna bronzer, Orgasm blush and Albatross highlighter.  Beauty in a box.  See more of it my post HERE.

One Day - why have I only just finished this book now?! It's been maybe a year since I enjoyed a book so much.  I was determined to read it before seeing the film as I am in no way a Hathaway fan.  It made me laugh, cry, be sentimental and nostalgic and everything else in between.  I'll be thinking about this book for a long time.

What did you love most in August?


  1. Woww gorgeous products!!!!! Love the red lipstick & the bag too is adorable!!!!!

  2. At least your Fitflop look nice! I own the Walkstar 3 which is pretty f' ugly comfy though HEH. :p Love One Day book, but Anne's fluctuating accent in the movie turned me off!

  3. I love One Day, I finished it this month too! Made me cry so much! xx

  4. Lovely products! I finished one day recently too and it was so good! Anne hathaways accent in the film is so bad though :( xox

  5. I think those Fit Flops are quite cute! I normally wear these Nike sandals for lots of walking and my feet are thankful for it but they are pretty rank looking! And I NEED that Batiste shampoo, the normal version does a pretty good job of giving my oomphless hair some oomph as it is!

  6. i never leave the house without my wayfarers :) i have the nars trio too, it's super handy!

  7. love your pics they are so clear... great post thanks for some of the tip offs!

  8. I need those raybans in my life. The blush looks amazing too, will have to try it.

    Emily xx

  9. Im not too keen on hathaway either but I do like a good book so will sample this before I download. That Nars trio has been a long time coming. What a genius idea!

  10. Nice list!! :) The Sleek palette... I love it!


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