Beauty Blogger Inquisition: Dainty Dollymix

The blogger: Sinead

The Blog: Dainty Dollymix

What inspired you to create Dainty Dollymix? 
Fellow beauty bloggers were my inspiration to create Dainty Dollymix! I first started by blog as a means of commenting on my favourite blogs and not as a beauty blog! After reading so many wonderful beauty blogs (lollipop26, kelanjo, Gemsmaquillage) and getting into high end makeup i posted a make up haul and my blog was born! 

What do you enjoy most about blogging? 
The thing i love most about blogging is the wonderful people i have met along the way! I know its so cliche but it has literally been the best time of my life! I have met some amazing friends who share the same love and passion for make up and beauty as myself and i feel very privileged! 

Which of your posts did you most enjoy putting together? (include a link!) 
The posts that i most enjoyed putting together and actually got excited about sharing are my makeup vanity and storage area. The first one i did well over a year ago when i was heavily into makeup and had just updated my storage area and everything was shiny and knew. My updated version is fairly recent and i have downsized quite majorly in the make up i own! I love sharing my makeup and storage ideas with fellow beauty lovers and has since become one of my most popular posts! 

What are your three Holy Grail beauty products? 
I regard my HG beauty products as those that i have continued to buy and go through many bottles of them! My three HG beauty products are: 

Liz Earle cleanse & polish: I seriously couldnt live without this stuff! I use it twice daily without fail and have gone through a fair few bottles! It is the perfect cleanser and leaves my skin super clean and exfoliated! 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: MAC MSF natrual is quite a pricey £18.50 for a face powder and i go through this stuff like theres no tomorrow, but i love it! My ultimate favourite face powder and i can really tell the difference when i stray away from this product. I must have bought this around 10 times i love it that much! 

MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow: I use this every single day! It is the ultimate lid colour that makes me look a little more awake! It looks perfect worn either on its own or paired with other shadows in the crease and outer corner! 

What’s your #1 make up tip? 
My #1 make up tip is to never ever sleep with your makeup on! May seem simple and self explanatory and i for one can put my hand up and say that i have done this before! However It does absolutely nothing for your skin and really clogs up your pores! Cleanse ladies! 

Which celebrity’s make up do you admire most? 
The celebrity's make up that i admire the most is Lauren Conrad of The Hills fame, i think she always looks absolutely flawless without being too over the top. She has a signature winged liquid eyeliner look and doesnt stray from a bold lip once in a while, love her! 

What is your favourite makeup brand? What’s their stand-out product in your opinion? 
Probably a favourite with many other beauty bloggers but my favourite makeup brand is MAC. Their stand out products for me are their lipsticks. They have a huge range, are pretty affordable for a high end makeup range and they have a vast variety of colours! 

Which ‘hyped’ beauty product has let you down the most? 
I recently tried a sample of Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation after wanting to try it for months after reading so many rave reviews. This disapointed me majorly and i am so glad that i didnt fork out over £30 for a bottle (which is what i usually do, i never really ask for samples!) This didnt last a while on my skin at all and i was like a oil slick after only a few hours (even with my much loved MAC MSFN over the top!) 

Tell us about your most embarrassing make up/beauty/fashion disaster? 
When i was a little bit younger and before i was into make up as much as i am now i always used to wear foundation so much darker than my actual skin colour! Its not that i couldnt actually tell the difference its just i hated how pale i was and it was a hassle finding foundations light enough! Now i either embrace the pale or fake tan, but i always try to match my face and neck! 

Top 3 beauty products on your wish list? 
3 beauty products that i have been lusting after for such a long time are: 
Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation 

Dior Amber Diamond Hilighter 

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder 

Tell us three of your favourite beauty blogs/YouTube channels? 
Three of my favourite beauty blogs are: 

Thanks Sinead for undertaking the Beauty Blogger Inquisition! 


  1. Great post, love Sineads blog :) xx

  2. Kat, a huge huge thank you for asking me to be apart of your gorgeous blog! Such an honour to be featured thank you so much!

    Love your blog! :)



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