Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks - Ruby Tuesday and Pink Brandy Holiday Lips

I took two of the Max Factor lippies I'm reviewing with me to Sorrento and I made excellent choices - Pink Brandy was perfect for day and Ruby Tuesday for night, providing vibrant, moisurised lips all week long.

Ruby Tuesday is intensely red with blue undertones.  You do have to have a touch of the Dita Von Teese to carry it off, but even with my tiny lips I managed to wear it with aplomb.  Anything goes in the Italian sunshine eh?! 

This was taken on the first night before I headed off to bed, so I was feeling pretty wrecked, but Ruby Tuesday brightened me up!

I really adore this lippy and barely had to retouch all night as even when it wore off, my lips were still stained a vibrant red. 

During the day I wore Pink Brandy, a gorgeous light coral pink which looks very natural, and again, takes ages to fade.  Second to Betwitching Coral, Pink Brandy has to be my favourite shade from the seven I'm testing.

In the words of our wannabe Italian Del Boy Irish Bar proprietor, 'Aaappy dayz!!

Check out swatches of all seven here (link)

You can get these lipsticks from Max Factor counters at Boots or Superdrug, or online for £7.99.


  1. I like pink brandy more, cos I have a loooot of lipstick similar to ruby Tuesday :D
    and you're so beautiful! Love how you look flawless!

    Hope you'll stop by and found out more about Bubbi brushes http://melodyofbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/09/bubbi-brushes-ftvideo.html

  2. Lovely! I find that the colour stains the lips too so even when all the lippy has come off and my lips feel dry and bare, there's still colour! These are excellent lipsticks! x

  3. HI!!! I'm a super follower!!! Your blog is amazing and I really like your red hair...you are very beautifull!! I have a blog too, hope you will like it: http://martypan4u.blogspot.com

  4. i dont think i'd have the guts to wear ruby tuesday but omg pink brandy: yes. now we're talking!! xx

  5. They're both beautiful in their own ways, Ruby Tuesday is a total showstopper and Pink Brandy is the kind of shade I could see myself wearing everyday ^__^ thanks for the swatches!

  6. @Melody of Beauty - Thanks hun, Pink Brandy is really turning out to be a fave, so wearable yet glam.

    @Angel - it really does, lippy usually wipes off me quite fast, but with these I'm at least left with a bit of colour

    @Eden-Avalon - haha!

    @Deepy Diva - thanks!

    @liloo - of course you do! I thought Ruby Tuesday would be right up your street as you're very brave with brights!

    @SilhouetteScreams - they're the perfect day and night lippies - all you need really!

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