Beauty Blogger Inquisition: Natalie from Pixielashes

Despite intending to kick off this series in April after my friend Angel's inquisition, time got away from me, but it's finally kicking off with the lovely Natalie from one of my favourite blogs for amazing eye looks,

The Blogger: Natalie

The Blog:

What inspired you to create Pixielashes? I stumbled into blogging accidentally after searching for a product review and coming across Fee's blog (make-up savvy) before then I had no idea that beauty blogging and the whole beauty community existed! I thought it would be a fun way to share my passion for make-up with other girls and the idea of giving honest reviews on products that I had tried really appealed to me.

What do you enjoy most about blogging? I enjoy getting lovely comments and emails from people who read my blog. I also love that I have made loads of like-minded friends through blogging and because I live with two boys it's nice to always have girls around to chat make-up with :) I pretty much enjoy everything about blogging, I find it quite addictive :)

Which of your posts did you most enjoy putting together? (include a link!) My favourite posts to put together are eye make-up looks. I just love sitting and coming up with them or recreating something from a visual and finding out what people think. My favourite is probably the Mario Testino/Patsy Kensit wet look smoky even though it's an unwearable look I enjoyed recreating it so much and photographing it was alot of fun.

What are your three Holy Grail beauty products? Duo eyelash glue, MAC Face and body foundation, MAC 'Smoulder' eye kohl and a cheeky 4th - MAC 217 brush!

What’s your #1 make up tip? Whenever I create a smokey black eye,or use any shadows/pigments that are guaranteed to fall down and make a mess, I always start with the eye make-up before applying any foundation, that way you can clean up under the eye easily without ruining your base.

Which celebrity’s make up do you admire most? Aaargh there are so many, this is a hard one!! I've always loved Jennifer Lopez's make-up, she always looks so healthy and glowing (I cant believe she's in her 40's I'm so Jel) Also I love all of the Kardashian's make-up (sorry I cheated hehehe)

What is your favourite makeup brand? What’s their stand-out product in your opinion? Ooh it has to be MAC! The range of products is just amazing, there is something for everyone! I especially love their lipsticks (and eyeshadows)

Which ‘hyped’ beauty product has let you down the most? Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. It looks so amazing on girls that can wear it, unfortunately I never got along with it. It looks really patchy on my face and makes me feel like I'm wearing a concrete mask! Bleurgh :(

Tell us about your most embarrassing make up/beauty/fashion disaster? I used to dance and was in awe of my teacher, this led me to copy her make-up look which unfortunately consisted of a pale face, very thin arched brows and lips lined with black eyeliner then filled in with concealer...I must have looked like a tranny but I thought I was super cool ;)

Top 3 beauty products on your wish list? YSL Rouge volupte in Lingerie Pink, MAC Shy Girl lipstick, MAC Well Dressed blush

Tell us three of your favourite beauty blogs/YouTube channels? Ooh this is a hard one, I love so many! I get excited when a Sprinkle of Glitter video pops up in my YouTube subs box because Louise is hilarious and her videos always cheer me up! I also love Beauty Crush on YouTube and Vivianna does Makeup blog :)

Thanks for taking the Beauty Blogger Inquisition Natalie! I'm hoping to make this a weekly or at least fortnightly feature, so drop me a line if you'd like to take the challenge!


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