Pixielashes - Sleek Oh So Special Smokey EOTD

Today the adorable Natalie from Pixielashes brings you her take on a smokey eye from Sleek's Oh So Special palette - one of my favourites.  Her EOTDs are beautiful and if you are a Sleek fan, you must go check out her blog if you haven't already following her Beauty Blogger Inquisition on Saturday.

Hey Click and Make-up-ers,

I am so happy to be guest posting for you while Kat is on her holidays, and thought that an EOTD would be a fun post to do :)

One of my favourite make-up looks is definitely a smokey eye, nude lip combo, and sometimes rather than using the classic black, I like to experiment using different colours for a fresh take on the look.

Today I pulled out the Sleek 'Oh So Special' palette which has some seriously beautiful colours in it, steered away from the black for a change, and went for the gunmetal and deep purple shades to get a brighter more fun but still smokey effect.

How to get the 'Oh So Special' smokey eye

  • I used Glitz (an amazing gunmetal/blue metallic shade) all over the lid, up to the crease on a MAC 139 flat eye shadow brush.
  • Then I applied wrapped up (deep matte purple) on the outer edge of the eye and blended it in towards the centre of the lid and into the socket using a MAC 217 blending brush.
  • On a MAC 219 pencil brush I applied Pamper (bright matte peach) into the inner corner of the eye and onto the inner corner of the lower lashline.
  • using the 139 brush from the first step I ran that with what was left over underneath the lower lash line
  • I popped a bit of The mail (light matte brown) on a clean 217 blending brush and blended the harsh edges above the socket line to give a softer effect.
  • Then I just lined the waterline with a black liner and added black mascara.

I hope you like it guys! I am loving this palette at the moment and it is the only Sleek one I own, I would love to hear which are your favourite Sleek palette's and which would you recommend I pick up next. :)



  1. too often i ask myself "why do you left the last one at sephora? ...you idiot!!!!"
    now i want that palette so much *_*

  2. AMAZING. Your eyebrows are perfect!!! xxx

  3. this is such a beautiful look!
    I dont have this pallette...but want it now!


  4. love it...really pretty

  5. This is beautiful! I love the pink in the inner corner, it really made the look stand out to me as original :)

    xxxx Kat

  6. Oh wow, what lovely comments! Thank you all so much :D And Kat thank you for asking me to take part and for the lovely intro :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I love this makeup look, so gorgeous! Really want this palette. I have the Storm palette from Sleek and I adore it :)

  8. You have mad skills. That looks amazing!

  9. wouldn't have expected a look like this from this palette. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  10. ; w ; I wish I could do a smokey eye like you!

  11. would you believe i was following pixie lashes on twitter and not her blog! i can't believe what i was missing. correcting my mistake. thank you for sharing. just so so so stunning! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  12. that is beautiful, love it :)

    Jay x


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